Yellow Bag Refashion

I swear the color yellow follows me around.

Exhibit A: The yellow dining room

Exhibit B: The yellow tiled bathroom at our apartment

Someone gave me this layered yellow skirt. It was cute but a little on the short side. 

After eight years in my closet and only four total wears, I decided this skirt should become something else. Watson wasn’t keen on letting me get started on a project.

The first step was to rip the seam on the top section. This was going to become the bottom of my bag so that the ruffles could stay intact.

It’s tough to show exactly how I did this… Let me attempt to explain. I made the top section into a pouch that was open at the top, the sewed the top the the primary seam of the original skirt so that it acted like a liner.

Watson is my sewing buddy.

After I attached the interior of the back, I tacked it to the sides and took the trim from my Just a Trim Dress and made it into a strap. I actually braided it then made a sleeve out of the remaining piece to give it strength.

Now I have a frilly bag.

What do you think of using accessories as a pop of color with an outfit?

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