Wrapping up the holidays

I feel like my Christmas officially starts this weekend! Then it’s a rush to the end of the year. As I’m traveling and preparing for the holidays, I’m going to try to keep up with blog posts because I love you all.

Here’s what I have going on:

1. Party Party Party!

Cat heaven

As you read this I’m probably partying it up with my coworkers at our agency holiday luncheon and gift exchange. Tomorrow, we hit the road for not one, but two(!) family Christmas parties. In the middle of the day, we have the E-fam festivities and I’ll get to meet the newest member of the family, whose birth announcement we received yesterday. My cousin and his wife had their second son a couple of weeks ago. I also get to see the across the state relatives, who I’m happy to say I’ve been seeing a lot more of these last few years than in the past. I’m also looking forward to seeing our nieces and nephew, they grow so fast so it’s nice to spend time with them when they’re still little.

In the evening we’re kind of celebrating a birthday as well as having the annual Christmas dinner with Brad’s grandmother at Gervasi. (Serious guys, if you’re in Northeast Ohio, check them out). Now I need to figure out what to wear!

2. Shop Shop Shop

This is actually a check off of the list last week. We only have one more person’s present to finish up. I was so productive last week with shopping and got some great deals on gifts. Brad and I went out last night and finished up most of our shopping as well, including some food and baking shopping. Now we need to wrap the gifts.

3. Preparing

Brad and I have found ourselves hosting the Christmas Eve celebration this year, and I’m pretty excited. Since most of the attendees have to be in Cleveland for other reasons on Christmas Eve, we volunteered. That means dialing up the festiveness of the house, cooking and more baking. I can’t wait! (that’s serious, not sarcastic)

4. Relax

I’m officially on break so I’m going to take some time for me. I haven’t done enough of that these last few months. Me time includes reading, watching movies and sewing.

5. Need help

How do you display your Christmas cards?

Last year I clipped our to ribbon that I hung in the kitchen. That was a bad ideas because the cats were very interested in them. This year, I wrapped a shutter-style cabinet door that I discovered in the attic with ribbon and clipped them to it. But we have too many cards! It’s full. Hmmm… creative ideas are welcome. Taping them to the wall, standing them on a shelf and ribbon wrapping a door are not options.

Are you partying, shopping, preparing, relaxing or all of the above during the holidays?

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