World Cat Day

It’s a late post kind of Friday…

Did you know that today is World Cat Day?

I’m not quite sure the original purpose of this day, but I can tell you that I’m a happy cat owner.

Day 1 in our home

Day 4 in our home

We adopted Holmes and Watson and brought them home two years ago tomorrow. They were little and scared. We didn’t know that they were also sick, they contracted a virus common in shelter animals and had to be treated and given IV fluids at the vet’s office.

See the shaved IV spot?

First vet follow up and all clear

The problem is that there are more animals than homes available. Part of this comes from people abandoning their pets, not researching before bringing an animal into their home, not thinking before giving a puppy or kitten as a gift and not spaying or neutering their pets.

Holmes and Watson were half of the last litter a feral cat would ever have. She was able to be trapped and spayed when a volunteer found her and the kittens in her garage. The volunteer cares of a colony of feral cats and participates in a trap-neuter-release program for feral cats.

Welcome to my life.

Aside from taking World Cat Day as an excuse to share cat pictures, I would like to urge you to not patronize breeders and pet stores, but to visit your local shelter or rescue organization if you want to add a pet to to your home.



Even if you want a purebred animal, you can find them. There are rescue groups for almost all breeds of cats and dogs and a simple search on Pet Finder can help you find the breed you want at a shelter or in a rescue.

Last night.

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  1. I have been very lucky to have gotten 4 cats from the shelter, one was the biggest fattest cat ever, he was 25lbs when we got him. I loved my Bubba cat, its sad that he passed away from diabetes but I am glad I got a few more years. It really was pretty easy to manage. Just give him the shot and he really didn’t care anymore. I was so sad when he died, I went to work told my co-worker and we both cried all day. We had tried all kinds of diet foods, and food for the diabetes. Honestly we got 3 years with him on insulin. He still lingers on since he did have problems with cat litter, and cat boxes, he mostly went on my floor and I would have to clean and clean. Most of the cat carpet cleaning stuff only does so much, but again I am just glad I got the time with him.

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