Wordless Wednesday: Photo Dump

After the hustle and bustle of the holidays ended, all I really want to do is put my feet up and clean out the DVR. But we can’t always get what we want. 2014 has been and looks to continue to be a flurry of activity, that isn’t exactly blog-centered.

I moved to a new office down the hall today and while I’m settling in, enjoy my recent photos….

Sleeping in the way and trying to eat the bins are just a couple of ways that Holmes and Watson “helped” put away decorations.

On one of the really cold days we noticed that our backyard was lit up like day so we took to the balcony door to find out why. The neighbor behind us had a floodlight on his (and our) backyard and we saw him wandering around with a hockey stick. We found out that he was making an ice rink in his back yard, which has since melted.

L.L.Bean wanted to let us know that we could get free shipping for our last-minute 2013 gifts and there was guaranteed Christmas delivery! I should note that this arrived in our mailbox on January 11th.


Watson found a new way to hang out in the bathroom while I get ready for work.

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