Why it’s cool that I’m an “engineer”

The agency that I work for is primarily business-to-business accounts and our niche is working with clients in markets including construction, industrial and MRO. We like to know our clients’ work and be relate-able so we have industrialized job titles.

If you’re in a communication or business field, you would understand my job title as “public relations specialist” but if you’re a client I work with, I’m a “public relations engineer” (yes that’s what my business card says).

I feel a little sentimental about being an “engineer.” There are two predominant professions in my family, teaching and engineering. My dad was a ceramic engineer for many years. He worked for a few different companies that made things like airplane parts, dental equipment and we had a piece of a knee-replacement floating around our house when we were growing up so I assume that he was involved in making that too. I have uncles who are engineers in different fields and my father-in-law also has a background in engineering. My job title puts me in with the ranks of the men in my families… without as much extraneous math (time sheets anyone?). I feel slightly connected in that way. But I truly do work with words and communication is my thing. I won’t be touching anything mechanical, chemical, ceramic or electrical, unless it’s digging into what my clients do.

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