Why is the cat wet? {Friday Five}

I feel like Brad and I have a lot of conversations that start with the question:

Why is the cat wet?

I feel like in the realm of domesticated animals, cats shouldn’t be wet nearly as often as ours are… and it’s only one at a time.

Every query has a different answer.

(1.) For example, the cat was wet because he knocked over the water bowl and we needed to clean up to floor. (2.) Another time, the cat was wet because he got stuck in the bath tub and figured his way out of it for the first time.

(3.) Yet another time, he was wet because I accidentally dripped water on him, (4.) or we didn’t get one of them completely dry after a bath.

(5.) The most recent conversation lead us to the discovery that the seal on one of our windows was leaking while it was raining sideways.

So now I’m wondering if we’re really weird or if other people have a seemingly recurring question.

Have you ever discovered an issue because of a pet? 

What do you have on tap for the weekend?

Stay Warm!

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