These Boots Are Made for Singin’

Okay, so I probably butchered the titles of two songs with that blog post title. But let’s move right along… To another boot refashion!

I bought this $5 pair of black rain boots for the sole *get it?* purpose of improving them.  

And it was super simple, here’s the supply list:

  •  Blah rain boots
  •  Fun ribbon (green for me of course!)
  •  Razor knife
  •  Painter’s tape (if you’re good at eyeballing measurements you don’t need this… I am not)

Cat not required

Step 1: Tape around the top of your boots with the painter’s tape. The boots I got had a ridge around the top so I taped directly under it.

Step 2: Mark on the tape even intervals, with two marks close together at the back of the boots. Step 3: Use the razor knife and slice on your marks. You’ll have to press pretty hard to cut through the rubber, but be careful. Safety first! (June is National Safety Month after all.) If your tape is the width of your ribbon or a bit wider, only slice the width of the tape. If it’s narrower, you’ll need cut past the edge of the tape.


Step 4: Remove tape. The good thing about using painter’s tape for something like this is that it doesn’t leave sticky residue.

Step 5: Thread the ribbon through the slots.

Again, cat not required.

Step 6: Tie a bow at the back of your boots and trim thee ends neatly. Step 7: Put on your fancy boots and go jump in some puddles. When was the last time you played in the rain? Do you have a fun pair of boots to do it in?

Have a great weekend friends!

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