The other ladies

My mom is my one and only mom. I love her dearly and owe her more thanks than I can give.

I feel that I can’t let all of the Mother’s Day celebrations go by without recognizing  a couple of other ladies in my life, who although not my mothers, deserve credit for being motherly toward me.

Mom K

I’m one of the few lucky ladies who married into a great set of in-laws. Brad’s mom raised two boys and finally has a girl around. She deserves credit first for raising a great son and second for expanding the definition of family.

My in-laws consider my family to be their family which meant we had extra support during the tough times. When I was mysteriously ill and finally made an appointment with the doctor, she’s the one who took me to that appointment and then took me to the hospital… but more on all of that next week.

Her giggles are contagious and she has a way of making the people around her happy.

Aunt P

When my parents moved out of state, my aunt and uncle welcomed me into their home

as a summer resident so I could stay in Ohio for the rest of my college career. During the time I lived there, I formed a lasting relationship with my aunt. We enjoyed reading the same books and magazines, I learned how to cook different things, I learned about plants and gardening.

My aunt is one of those women that doesn’t simply fulfill the “family role” she has in my life, but goes beyond that and offers support, encouragement and advice when I need it.

Mother’s Day

I want to wish these two ladies a happy Mother’s Day! Not only are they wonderful mothers to their own children, they are wonderful examples and influences in my life.


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