The $900 Dog

One of my family members is a total crazy dog lady. Which is frequently entertaining, but recently very sad. After the death of her very ancient dog, she decided to replace him with a very expensive little poodle pup from a breeder (yes, it was $900). Unfortunately this pup is now ill for a second time with not pleasant symptoms for her, or her owner. That’s why it’s sad. This expensive puppy bought from someone who forces dogs to reproduce is now sick and racking up more expenses with trips to the vet. My thought process is that if I pay that much for anything, it should come with some sort of warranty!

But the actual point of this blog is about rescuing animals. An article in the local paper about the dog pound being full and a family member being unable to surrender kittens from a stray’s litter to the Humane Society is indicative of a much bigger problem. Animal overpopulation.

Everyone loves a cute, fluffy puppy or kitty, and going to the pet store is great fun. But if you’re looking for a new pet, instead of calling a breeder, pay a visit to an animal shelter or rescue group to not only get a pet, but possibly even save a life!

(and if you want a cat, send me an email or comment and I’ll put you in contact!)

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  1. You are my blog writing hero right now. As someone who has worked in a number of animal shelters, I guarantee that regardless of the breed of dog wanted (or cat!) there is a rescue available. And often times you can find many purebreds in an animal shelter – even the pound. is a wonderful resource, but so is googling whatever breed you want along with the word “rescue.”

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