Yellow Bag Refashion

I swear the color yellow follows me around.

Exhibit A: The yellow dining room

Exhibit B: The yellow tiled bathroom at our apartment

Someone gave me this layered yellow skirt. It was cute but a little on the short side. 

After eight years in my closet and only four total wears, I decided this skirt should become something else. Watson wasn’t keen on letting me get started on a project. Continue reading

More Than a Least Favorite

Basically everyone has a favorite color… in some cases colors. If you haven’t figured it out yet, my favorite color is green.

Big surprise huh?

My wedding shoes had to be green

But what’s the opposite of a favorite color?

“Least favorite” comes to mind, but I’m not sure that’s fitting for my opposite of favorite color. I don’t hate a color because come on, hating a color is a waste of time. I dislike it. Sometimes it gives me a headache to see. Other times it’s just “meh” in my book.

I’ll stick with “dislike.” Continue reading