A little Thursday catch up

First let me assure you that I am okay! I’ve had a very interested couple of weeks and subscribe to the concept of “Live first, Blog second.” Which means at times I end up posting sporadically and now I’d like to catch you all up.

Valentine’s Weekend

Brad took me to lunch on Friday since I had the day off. We went to one of the places near his office that he loves, but is only open for lunch on the week days. It was delicious, but I will save that review for later. I took the rest of the day to run some errands, including a thrift store stop to get two new items to refashion.

The rest of the weekend we opted not the leave the house. It snowed a lot and was cold, so why go outside when you can snuggle up with your Valentine and furry critters? We made filet, roasted asparagus and potato rounds for a special Valentine’s dinner, with Oreo truffles for dessert.

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Managing Diabetes At Work

It’s sad that I have to say this, but completely necessary… I’m not a medical professional, this post (and all others) are not medical advice. I’m simply about to share with you about my experiences managing diabetes at work.

I observed a diabetes chat where readers submitted questions for a doctor and two people from diabetes nonprofits to answer. Someone asked for advice on managing diabetes at work because it is harder for them to manage at work than at home. I know there are no dumb questions when you’re trying to learn, but I couldn’t suppress my reflexive thought of well that’s a dumb question, just do it like you do at home. 

But after some self-scolding, I realized that for some it’s not so easy. To my relief one of the panelists said that management at work or school should be like management at home. Of course, I agree.

Making your health a priority can be tough for people, but the bottom line is that you need to do it. Your health and well being is important, both to you and your employer.

Me at work with my diabetes

I manage my type 1 diabetes at work exactly how I do at home, in this manner:

  • My diabetes bag is within arm’s reach
  • I check my blood sugar regularly and I check my Dexcom frequently
  • I eat when I need to
  • I bring my own healthy food to work (as opposed to going out)
  • I stay hydrated
  • I count carbs
  • I stop what I’m doing when diabetes must be handled

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Friday Five: Work Confessions

There are things you do at work that are odd, weird, bizarre, etc. Here are of my five work confessions:

  1. I suffer from lunch envy. You know when you’ve brought a boring turkey sandwich or leftover mac and cheese, but one of your coworkers has reheated a culinary masterpiece? Suddenly, turkey doesn’t sound that great anymore.
  2. I’m not wearing any shoes under this desk…. in fact I might be sitting cross-legged in my chair right now.
  3. I often visit neighboring offices in my shoeless state.
  4. I spin in my desk chair when no one is looking.
  5. I’m listening to that loud conversation happening in the parking lot under my open window. Yeah, I can’t believe she said that either!

Do you do anything odd at work?


(Updated: As some of you know today is diabetes blog day and I opted not to participate, partly because of the industry I work in and partly because I had absolutely no clue how to approach the topic. But Sara wrote a beautiful post that I think you should all read here.)

It Takes a Village

In my case, I have a small communication agency as my village (small as in number of employees).

There are a lot of things going on that the people I work with have been involved in from confirming my employment a million times to fixing and cleaning my laptop and helping me with my tire problem.


It had to puncture in a place that can’t be patched

My tire had a piece of metal stick out of it Thursday morning when I left for work. Continue reading