Golf Shoes and Other Things {Weekend Wrap Up}

Some folks have today off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day… I am not one of those folks. I’m spending today in the office getting work done and receiving a lot of out of office messages. However, my Monday got off on the right foot, hopefully your did too!

Thursday night, I met up with my friend Brooke to try out Angelo’s in Lakewood, they were voted Best Pizza in Cleveland. It was good pizza, but I’m not sure it’s the best in Cleveland, I guess I’ll have to try some more. I reluctantly turned down an invitation to go salsa dancing afterward because I had an earlier day on Friday than usual, which involved spending the day in Pittsburgh at a client’s office.

This weekend was my husband’s annual trip to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit with a couple of his guy friends. A lot of people don’t understand going to an auto show if you aren’t in the market for a new car, but these guys have turned checking out the latest models into a tradition, and don’t worry Brad’s still going to the Cleveland Auto Show so that he can drive the cars. If you enjoy cars and like seeing what’s new, it makes sense to go. Brad even brought me back a new Chevy Volt!

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Weekend In Photos

Brad was in his friend’s wedding on Saturday. The wedding was the ultimate fall-theme wedding and was beautiful! It was full of reds, oranges, leaves and burlap. I’ve seen some outdoorsy/fall weddings that were over the top, this one had the perfect balance of fall, outdoor and traditional.

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In Photos Lately

Life’s been busy with the usual stuff.

This weekend we had beautiful weather. It decided to be summer again. We had a summer work event for Brad’s company the had us playing games at Dave and Buster’s on Saturday afternoon. We discovered the fun that is four-person air hockey and had some fun with skeeball, which is probably my favorite arcade game.

After the event, we were invited to go swimming and hang out with some of Brad’s coworkers so we spent the afternoon and evening in and by the pool.

My company does a tool drive for Habitat for Humanity every August and had a donation from a client arrive on Monday. We were light in the office on Monday anyway and the shipment arrived just before noon. The driver asked for some guys to come unload the truck… He got three petite women. We unloaded the shipment that contained 700 pounds work of heavy duty tools. Even though it was all brand new, our hands were black when we were done. Continue reading

Quiet Weekends

I love exciting weekends that include traveling, visiting friends/family or tackling house projects, but sometimes you just can’t beat a nice quiet weekend.

This weekend, I got to spend some quality time with Brad. We also got some yard work done and I tackled the weepy cherry tree out front that was attempting to take over the front porch. “Yes, welcome to my home. Please step over the tree branches.”

I spent a little quality time for myself also that included reading, watching a chick flick, a little sewing and browsing Pinterest.

We also got some errands done

Apparently Giant Eagle is just giving stuff away now

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Weekend Five

In case anyone was really missing a Friday Five post last week, here’s my excuse for missing AND a wrap up of my weekend in five neat bullet points.

1. On Friday morning I took my bespectacled and slightly nervous husband to the Lasik Vision Centers of Cleveland. He walked in with 20/800 vision and walked out with his glasses in my purse. I’ll write more about his experience (and mine) later, but on Friday Brad had eye surgery that has already changed his life. And, on Friday I watched Brad have eye surgery!

The last picture with glasses

2. On Friday evening after Brad’s long nap and a long-ish day working from home, my aunt and cousin were in the area so they dropped by and we introduced them to B Spot. Continue reading