Weekend Five

In case anyone was really missing a Friday Five post last week, here’s my excuse for missing AND a wrap up of my weekend in five neat bullet points.

1. On Friday morning I took my bespectacled and slightly nervous husband to the Lasik Vision Centers of Cleveland. He walked in with 20/800 vision and walked out with his glasses in my purse. I’ll write more about his experience (and mine) later, but on Friday Brad had eye surgery that has already changed his life. And, on Friday I watched Brad have eye surgery!

The last picture with glasses

2. On Friday evening after Brad’s long nap and a long-ish day working from home, my aunt and cousin were in the area so they dropped by and we introduced them to B Spot. Continue reading

Looking Forward to Spring

Today is officially spring! Yay!

I may no longer be wishing for spring to arrive, but I’m still waiting on the warmer temperatures. On this lovely first morning of spring, random snow flakes were falling from the sky so I’m not incredibly hopeful.

I was asked yesterday what I’m looking forward to about spring… so I figured I’d share with you why my Spring of 2014 already has a lot of awesome packed into a short period of time.


March is more than halfway over, but this month has been going pretty well.

  • I’m hoping to have the facelift of kitchen and bathroom completely finished, there are small finishing touches that we just haven’t been able to get to due to being busy.
  • My mom is moving… this isn’t entirely awesome because she’s moving out of state again. But I know this is a good thing for her because she’ll no longer be in a long distance relationship and there are people there looking forward to spending more time with her… beyond her fiance.
  • We have lots of plans with friends.

April Continue reading

My Mom Is Getting Married

I mentioned awhile ago that my mom is getting married. I know that a lot of people have parents who are remarried, but growing up I never imagined that someday I’d have a “step dad.”

It’s interesting to be the youngest daughter and play the old-married lady role for my mom, not that she needs marriage advice, it’s the wedding aspect the my sister and I have been helping her with.

The times that things get a little tricky are when I tell people the my mom is engaged. Those who know me and who knew my dad know that I loved my dad dearly and that my parents’ relationship was a strong example to me of a committed, loving marriage. My parents fought my dad’s cancer together and when he passed away two years ago, we knew that he didn’t want my mom to be alone. But when I said, “My mom is engaged,” or “My mom is getting married,” the immediate response from people was, “Are you okay with that?” or “How does that make you feel?”

To be frank, it’s weird.

But am I okay with it? Yes. Continue reading

Baring Arms Dress

I got this short sleeve, blue ruffle dress new for a whopping $8 on clearance at Target to wear for Easter. I wore it on Easter, neglected to get a picture and wasn’t thrilled. The sleeves were just okay and didn’t quite feel like they fit quite right. There wasn’t anything wrong with the dress, just a little eh in the sleeves and possibly overwhelming in the ruffles.

Excuse my headlessness, I was having a bad hair day

I probably can’t call this a refashion and should just say I altered this dress. I decided to make it sleeveless and wear it to the wedding of two college friends last Saturday. My first step was to remove the sleeves at the seam and see how the arm holes would work. Continue reading


This time of year has become marked by a whirlwind of birthdays, graduations, holidays and anniversaries.

There is a lot in my life to celebrate… especially today.

Two years ago today, I woke up in a hotel room with one of my best friends. It was chilly and cloudy, and there were butterflies in my stomach. My friend drove us to Starbucks while I prayed it didn’t rain. The moment that we arrived at the church, time sped up and seemed to fly by until I was sitting with my father and some of my closest friends, with a church full of people upstairs. My father prayed for me, for the man who would be standing at the alter and for the marriage that we would have.


One year ago today, I woke up in a hotel room with my husband. It was sunny and warm, and we were amazed that 365 366 days (2012 was a Leap Year) had passed so quickly. We ate year-old cake and celebrated surviving and thriving through a very tough first year of marriage (tough in this sense) .


This morning, I woke up next to my husband, in our own bed. In the house that we bought together and I honestly couldn’t be happier.


After dating for 3 years, being engaged for nearly 2 and 2 years of marriage, it’s no surprise that we’ve have been through a lot of ups and downs together, but I can honestly say that year 2 of marriage was more ups than downs. We have a lot to celebrate from this past year!

Happy second anniversary Brad!  I love you and I love being your wife.