As a former bridesmaid, maid of honor, bride and now matron of honor and guest during Wedding Season 2013, it’s very, very clear to me that the average person is not aware of what is, and isn’t, appropriate behavior surrounding the happiest day of someone’s life. So it’s my pleasure to get on my soap box and share some advice with you, the internet, on how to be a nice wedding guest.

Here are 10 fairly simple things to remember when attending a wedding:

  1. It is never, ever, ever, ever, ever appropriate for a woman to wear a white dress to a wedding if she is not the bride, a flower girl or a British bridesmaid. Sure, some clothes have white in them, that’s not a huge deal. A white lace dress? Big, HUGE no no. Pick another color and save the white for church or a graduation or something that isn’t a wedding. Also plan on nixing anything that is “cream” or “off white” from your wedding guest wardrobe. Wearing a white dress is just plain rude. (If you think I sound adamant about this, you’re right. I see this happen over and over again and wonder why girls do it. Maybe they don’t know? So I’m spreading the wediquette.) Continue reading

How to Throw a Little Black Dress Party

Most women have at least one LBD in their closets… I have three. A little black dress is incredibly versatile and can be really classy.

For my friend’s bachelorette party last weekend, we had a little black dress themed bar crawl, but a little black dress party can be much more flexible than a bachelorette bar crawl stroll. It can be perfect for a fun, classy girls’ night out other places as well. Continue reading

Marriage and Blogging

If you haven’t been reading me from the beginning, you may not know that I used to be a wedding blogger.

The night Brad proposed

About four months after Brad proposed, I was browsing wedding blogs over Christmas break and dreaming about how our wedding would be. On one of the wedding boards I was reading, someone shared a link to a blog post about a bride who wore beautiful green shoes (I have zero hope of finding that exact post again, but I know it still exists!). After spending a couple of hours scouring the blogs and reading about the wedding plans that the “garden” of bloggers were making, I saw that they were looking for bride bloggers so I applied. My first post as “Lilac Bud” went live on January 20, 2010.

Over 120 posts and two years, I shared my thoughts, plans, stories and pictures with a garden of women in the same boat. But it became clear to me that since becoming Mrs. K, my time to write and thoughts to share were dwindling. I shifted my focus to this blog.

Today, I said goodbye to the garden as “Lilac Blossom” and shared some final thoughts on love, life and marriage. You can find them here.

It felt like our first year of marriage flew by.

Until now.

Our first anniversary is in 11 days. It somehow seems like May is going in slow motion though.

I may not be blogging as a wedding planning, marriage advice giving flower anymore, but I will still share some highlights of married life.

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Things I Enjoyed In March

There are a few things that I’ve really come to love this month, so I thought I’d share them with you.

Freeze Dried Fruit

I decided to try Brothers All Natural freeze dried fruit when we saw it at Costco. The Fuji Apple bag has about one and a half apples and 9g of carbs. It’s nut, soy, gluten and dairy free; vegan, kosher and non-GMO because it’s just plain fruit!

Cherry ChapStick

20120329-121113.jpg Continue reading