Immature Skin

When I was a teenager scowling at my pores in the mirror, I consoled myself with the thought that adults don’t get zits. I mistakenly thought that my skin woes would go away when I grew up.

No such luck.

Then Influenster sent me Mary Kay’s Clear Proof System. The card in the box promised a noticeable difference in a few as seven days. (The best things in life are free… from Influenster!)

Holmes and Watson enjoyed the box

Mary Kay’s Clear Proof System is a four-step process:

  1. Wash your face with the cleansing gel
  2. Apply the blemish control toner
  3. Dab the acne treatment gel on blemishes
  4. Moisturize with the oil free moisturizer

To get things going I took a before picture. It’s weird to voluntarily post a picture of myself looking eh.

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Let’s Go! {A VoxBox In Motion Review}

Hello Go!

My Go VoxBox from Influenster arrived on a day when my feet were tired and had been abused (most likely unrelated to my current foot troubles). I immediately broke out the foot-pampering goodies to get testing:

I started with the ProFoot Pedi-Rock to smooth out my rough heels. I love this thing! It’s squishy so it’s easier and more pleasant to keep a grip on than pumice stones while using and it forms to my foot. I used it dry, but it can be used wet as well and is really easy to clean.  Continue reading