Weekend Wrap Up: Little Brother Edition

I really shouldn’t call my brother-in-law a “little brother” I should stick with younger. When I first met Brad’s “little brother” he was shorter than me! Since then he’s grown up a lot and is a college guy now (as opposed to the middle school tween who I first met).


Anyway, he came up to visit us this weekend arriving at our house on Friday after leaving work. He beat me there, mostly because I was talking OmniPods and walnuts with a stranger at the grocery store.

My cat looks sad, but I assure you he is not.

Brian got to experience our really exciting, typical Friday night… at home watching a movie. Sometimes weeks just wear you out!

We decided to make pizza and picked a movie to watch. That means, I made pizza and the guys picked the movie.

While we watched Non-Stop, banana nut bread baked to serve as our dessert. Brian quickly made friends with Holmes and Watson when we first adopted them, so it wasn’t a surprise that he never sat alone in a chair.

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An Older Man

For a few days out of the year, I’m married to an older man and Brad is married to a younger woman.

We celebrated Brad’s birthday all weekend, kicking it off with a fun Friday night that conveniently coincided with the start of Cleveland Restaurant Week. (Restaurant Week continues through March 2nd, you can see who is participating by clicking that link.)


We met up with our friends at The Chocolate Bar for their excellent Restaurant Week menu.

A 3-course meal for 2, for $30? Yes please!

We decided to share both entrees so we each took half of the entrees. Continue reading