Tales from the Shoe Box: Three Months in 600 Square Feet

Every time we bumped into each other, tripped over a cat or had nowhere to set something, Brad and I reminded each other: It’s temporary.

We moved from a 2-story, 3-bedroom house into a 600-square-foot apartment during the construction of our house. Brad started referring to it as a shoe box. It’s small and we got frustrated a lot, but it was temporary.

Maybe part of the problem was that we got what we got when it came to temporary housing. We are fortunate to have been able to take over the last 3 months of someone’s lease, while our house was being built. It worked out for him, because he could move out of state without buying out the rest of his own lease. Before we bought the Pelham house three years ago, we had a pretty big two-bed, two-bath apartment, with a balcony, quiet(ish) neighbors and a whole lot less stuff (including no cats), so we’ve been spoiled.

A shoe box with a view

I have to recognize the blessing of living close to work, close to our in-progress home and across the street from a good bar this summer. But there were definitely things I hated about our apartment, such as:

  1. Not enough room for everything and everyone who lives there.
  2. Paper-thin walls and less-than-sound proof doors let all noise from the hall inside and all inside noises into the hall.
  3. Limited, outdoor parking. I returned from a work trip about 12:30 am and there was one bad parking spot left… better than none I suppose.

But here are the tales from the shoe box that make me glad we’re out of there. Continue reading

Solutions for Temporary Housing Between Closings

My last business trip had me at a well-appointed Hyatt House

We can’t break ground on our new home until our current home sale closes. Although everything is good with the sale, it was a contingency we wrote into the build in order to protect us.

The problem is that our buyers want keys surrendered at closing. They’re paying darn near asking price on the place so we aren’t going to say no. That leaves us temporarily without a home. It’s kind of a stressful thought, but there are temporary housing options for those between homes.

Here are the ones we considered:

Rent back from your buyer. When Brad and I bought our first house, we let the sellers rent back from us for two months while they found a new place. It worked out because we were in a lease with our apartment anyway. Unfortunately, we can’t do that. Continue reading