The Low Buzz

Most of the time, I struggle to pre-bolus for lunch appropriately and end up frustrated because the insulin takes so long to act. The other day, my body served up an unpleasant surprise and a new symptom.

I bolus for lunch 20-30 minutes before I want to eat usually. I took insulin for my lunch and went back to finish the project I’d been working on. Less than 10 minutes later, my arms felt weak and I felt a slight tremble in my stomach muscles.

“I must be dropping,” I thought and checked my Dexcom. It showed 78 with a diagonal arrow down. “Guess I should eat now.”

As I pushed my chair back from my desk, I realized that I couldn’t hear anything but a low-pitched buzzing sound. My music was still playing, but that buzz was not only a sound but a feeling in my head. Then my Dexcom joined in with it’s different tone buzz, sharing double down arrows.

I felt like there was a bubble around my head as I went to go reheat my leftover chili. I didn’t want to wait for the real food to kick in so I popped a piece of candy and had to lean on the table while my food warmed in the microwave.

When I checked my Dexcom again it just said LOW. Continue reading