Lovely Lavender Dress Refashion

I picked up a few jersey knit dresses to wear in the summer, I got one in black, one in green and one in lavender. I found that I would pull the black or green dresses out of the closet over the lavender one. Every time.

Green dress not shown


I like the other ones when I’m wearing them, but not this one. Maybe it’s the lighter color? Anyway, this one has been in the refashion pile for awhile.

Since I’m apparently not a fan of sleeves (Exhibit A. Exhibit B.), I removed the sleeves.

I had a general idea of what I wanted to do with the dress so I put it on Sally and surveyed the situation to see if it’d be possible. Continue reading

Purple Patterns Refashion

I’ve had this purple patterned sundress for a long time. I’m pretty sure that it was given to me shortly before leaving on my first cruise in 2009 (fun fact: that was when Brad proposed to me). It was great for relaxing in Florida and in the Caribbean, as well as getting ready for my wedding…

That’s me getting ready with my sister-in-law

But now, it’s been hanging in the closet in the spare bedroom because it’s a wee bit short for a respectable married lady to wear. I love the pattern(s) and breezy fabric so it was slated to have a new life as something else.

Minus the halter string.

I slipped it on my new dress form, who I might be calling Sally for completely arbitrary reasons. This dress was to become a top. Continue reading