Glasses {Sponsored}

I got my first pair of glasses when I was in 6th grade with the instructions to wear them in class to see the board better. I was not a fan of my glasses and did not wear them as much as I should have.

Throughout the years, I got better about wearing my glasses to take notes in class because I was thankfully more serious about my grades than my style. Last year, the news hit. I needed to have full-time vision correction so Brad and I went shopping for glasses and I quickly set an appointment for a contact fitting.

Even though I consider myself a contact wearer, I still wear my glasses at least once a week and often more. I don’t want to have a “glasses day” and regret needing to go out in public, so I need to like my glasses. I found out that part of liking my own glasses is just getting used to them by wearing them. I also learned that trying to get glasses the hide on my face was not the best style for me. So I went for a bold frame and can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve received on them or overall (think “You look nice today”) when I’ve been wearing them.

hate the process of shopping for glasses in a store. It’s pretty gross if you think about it… those sample frames have been on how many other faces? Ewww. Of course the price tags on most frames are less than attractive. Buying eyeglasses online would be convenient and germ free.

When contacted me about writing this sponsored post, I did my research and was impressed! The first thing I noticed were the prices, followed by how easy it was to narrow down exactly which eyeglasses you want. Affordable and easy are good things in my book. Continue reading

Men’s Shirt to Little Black Dress

I found this short sleeve button-down shirt in a bunch of Brad’s old things. The material is very soft and I liked the way it felt so much that I wanted to wear it!

Can you tell I started this project in the summer?

It took awhile to figure out what to make out of it, but I landed on a little black dress. First the pocket, sleeves and collar came off.

Watson helped

Sally modeled the scraps

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Summer Sandal Steals

At the end of every summer I buy clearance flip flops for the next year. I can be confident that they won’t go out of style because flip flops have been a summer staple since I was a child. Instead of getting the $1-$2 foam and rubber flip flops of years past, I decided to get a couple more quality pairs.

Last night we went to Target to pick up some things for our vacation and I spent quite awhile sifting through the shoe department clearance. I have to say, I have never seen such a disorganized department at Target before! But with the discounted sandals, I can’t complain too much!

I bought three pairs:

The green pair was actually from the kids’ department, but they fit great and were 70% off! The other two pairs came out to about 50% off.

I’m not waiting until next summer to wear them though. I’m packing them in my suitcase and taking them on vacation! I might also be wearing a pair today…. Continue reading

How to Throw a Little Black Dress Party

Most women have at least one LBD in their closets… I have three. A little black dress is incredibly versatile and can be really classy.

For my friend’s bachelorette party last weekend, we had a little black dress themed bar crawl, but a little black dress party can be much more flexible than a bachelorette bar crawl stroll. It can be perfect for a fun, classy girls’ night out other places as well. Continue reading

I’m in Deep

I realized today when I was cropping some refashion project photos how deep I’m really in it… I laid three dresses out on the bed a few weeks ago to figure out which one I wanted to wear to a bridal shower. I took this photo with the intention of sending it to the bride and asking her opinion because I suck at making my own decisions.

Any of these look familiar?

I ended up not sending her the picture because Brad walked into the bedroom and said, “You should wear the purple one.”

After recovering from the shock of my husband’s fashion opinion, I put the two blue dresses away. Attended the shower. And didn’t think twice about the significance of what I’d pulled out of the closet as options… until now.

Each of these dresses has been in some changed from their original forms, by me.

1. The blue ruffle dress is really my Baring Arms Dress.

2. The blue floral maxi dress was my What to Wear to a Graduation dress that although I didn’t blog about it… the dress started its life as a size medium, mistakenly placed on a “SM” hanger in the small section, much to my benefit because I loved it and wouldn’t have even looked for a dress in another size. I took the dress in at multiple places to make it fit me and may do more work on it to make it flats-friendly in the futre.

3. The white and purple one was my Tea Party Dress that I entirely remade and then decided not to wear for the original bridal shower. But she got to shine at a bridal shower after all!

When your go-to picks in your closet all feature customization… you know you’re in deep. To reference Kerri in a comment on another post, I make the clothes do what I want them to do.