Did you know April is Stress Awareness Month?

I didn’t until yesterday. It’s fitting because let me tell you, this spring has been a little rough and April proved to be a trying month. I’m kind of glad to be saying goodbye to this month.

March ended with a bang in the form of a heart attack.My mother suffered a coronary spasm that she first thought was an allergic reaction. Here’s the thing about heart attacks, you never rarely expect to have one… until you do. Continue reading

The Making of a Day

My days start and end with a whole bunch of stress that we like to call orange barrel season. Work traffic isn’t usually bad for me, but ever since we moved in, they’ve been replacing the street. Until a few weeks ago they were at the other end of the road not regularly interrupting my life. Now a five lane road is cramped into two lanes and half an intersection is missing. Our drive way at our apartment complex doesn’t have an in or out anymore and the construction equipment not stored in the big ditch that used to be a road is stored in our parking areas and pulled out about the same time I leave for work. Avoiding construction through changing my route to work would require the creation of a new driveway or teleportation.


That used to be road

Yesterday I shared pictures that can’t event capture the mayhem that is road construction. The conditions that cause idiot switches to be flipped and people to drive on the wrong side of the road or barrels. Two days ago I turned onto my street and came nose-to-nose with a lady in a minivan who was obviously not aware that the road was still a two way street. I am stressed when I get to work in the morning and stressed when I arrive home in the evening.

Add on wisdom tooth pain and a husband who has been home sick for two days and you have my morning. Continue reading