Spare A Rose and February Awesome

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February and I have a love/hate relationship. It’s cold, icy and there are piles of snow. But on the other hand, February was the month that my wonderful husband was born, Valentine’s Day and a time when members of the Diabetes Online Community (DOC) band together to help children with diabetes through the #SpareARose campaign.

I have access to insulin, something that no one can live without. For those of us with Type 1 diabetes, our bodies don’t make it for us anymore. But there are many who do not have access to insulin, hence this campaign.

If you buy your sweetheart roses for Valentine’s Day (or if you don’t) consider buying 11 instead of 12 and donate one flower’s cost to Life for a Child, a wonderful organization that helps provide insulin and supplies to children with diabetes in need. This campaign started February 1st and runs through Valentine’s Day (February 14th for anyone who needs the reminder).

For approximately the cost of one rose, you can provide a month’s worth of insulin for a child in need. The 2014 campaign raised enough money to provide 1 year of life for 454 children. Please consider donating and sharing this message. Go here to donate.

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Spare a Rose: I Can’t Say It Better

When I was diagnosed with type 1 a couple of years ago, I felt like I was so sick that I could never recover. When I look back, I know that I’m lucky to be alive. I’m lucky to have access to what I need to continue being alive.

Not everyone is and that hurts my heart. Last year, the Spare a Rose, Save a Child initiative started. With this effort, bloggers with diabetes (myself included) encourage their readers to buy just one less rose for Valentine’s Day and donate that to a wonderful organization called, Life for a Child.

I’m a little later on posting this than I’d like, but I doubt you’ve bought roses yet anyway. I’m also sure that I can’t say anything better than what’s already been said by the other people on this list.

Even if you don’t (or can’t) donate, please at least check out the website and share it because you might know someone who can help.

Spare a Rose, Save a Child

When I agreed to participate in a survey-based research study, I found out that I could choose to have a donation made to one of two charities, or split it between both. One of those organizations was call Life for a Child. I decided to do a little research and found that this organization helps children with diabetes have access  to insulin.

For many reasons, I’m thankful that I received my diabetes diagnosis as an adult and my family was never saddled with the emotional and financial burden of diabetes. For some families,the obstacles to having the treatment their child with diabetes needs are great, which is why this organization is amazing. I’m joining many other d-bloggers in talking about this organization and encouraging our readers to support it. This Valentine’s Day, members of our community decided to encourage those around them to donate what they might spend on flowers to this organization, which in my opinion is a very loving, giving and wonderful idea.

Read more online on the International Diabetes Federation’s site or on Twitter and in the blogosphere through the hashtag: #sparearose.