Stay Home

It’s common sense and good manners to stay home when you are sick (or keep your child home)… cold, flu, stomach bug, etc. A lot of people choose to “power through” or “tough it out” and go to work, attend school or make an appearance at a social/family gathering. But I beg you, please don’t do it. 

Just stay home.

Not only is staying home better for your recovery, it helps stop whatever you’ve got from spreading. It can also keep others out of the hospital. What gets me all riled up is that people will go places with “just a little cold” or “a touch of the flu” and expose people like me (i.e. those with broken immune systems) to potentially life-threatening illnesses.

That’s right, your little illness can harm others. Continue reading

Sick Days

I’m sick.  All yucky details aside, I have a cold that had me working from the couch in my pajamas yesterday and today.

What’s getting me through this is peppermint tea, sugar free cough drops,  increased temp basals and snuggles with my cats.

What are your sick day necessities?