Back from Vacation {Cruise Photos}

For our birthdays, Brad and I took a much-needed vacation… a Western Caribbean cruise.

This was cruise number six for us. It was originally supposed to be a couples’ winter escape. Our decision to take this trip was actually made while sitting in a winery in Madison with our friends in November. Tickets were booked and we were planning our escape when our friends found out that they are expecting (yay!). They weighed the risks and decided to do what is best for them and their baby and cancelled the trip. Every place on our travel itinerary had a CDC travel warning about Zika for pregnant women. Whenever you travel, double check no only the security warnings about your destination, but also the health warnings.

So Brad and I went by ourselves. It was incredible and relaxing. It was nice to get away from winter for a little while. I have a few pictures from our trip to share with you. Enjoy!

First order of business when on board: Lunch at Park Cafe

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Cruising with Type 1 Diabetes

Vacation Blood Sugar Stats:

  • High: 264
  • Low: 31
  • 7-Day Average: 158 (Did not include first 3 days of trip)
  • 14-Day Average: 138 (Includes all travel but also some pre-trip checks)

I was nervous about taking a cruise for the first time since being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and depending heavily on my medical devices. I consulted some forums and scoured the blogosphere for advice.

I quickly got over the traveling by airplane with diabetes and will be taking my first solo flight for work next month. In the past I have depended heavily on Brad to catch my carry on bags through security, so I’m on my own for this unless I end up at security at the same time as my colleague.

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