Massage Heights Review

I was provided with free services from Massage Heights in return for a blog review. All opinions are my own.

Massage can alleviate back pain, headaches and a variety of other issues beyond just relaxation. However, most people who get massages do so in order to relax.

Which is why I was thrilled to accept the offer from Massage Heights to review their services at one of their Cleveland area retreats.

I had an appointment for a one-hour massage and foot scrub on a rainy Saturday morning at the Massage Heights location at Crocker Park.

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Dressing Up With thredUP

This post is not sponsored by thredUP or anyone else… it’s all my own opinions and I paid for my own clothes (in case you were concerned).

I’ve been loving dresses more and more the older I’ve gotten and I’ve been in the process of growing up my wardrobe just a bit. It’s hard to find quality, grown up dresses in my size that don’t cost a fortune. I can’t remember where or when I learned about thredUP, but since I browsed their site one time, it started showing up everywhere I looked.

Here’s their brief description:

“thredUP is the easiest way to save money on great Women’s and Kids’ clothing brands and sell clothes for cash. We’re like a consignment store, but simpler. On thredUP you can refresh your entire wardrobe online without ever leaving your house.”

I decided to look for dresses on their site. I wanted nice, fun dresses that I could wear to work or other events. Here are the two that I found:

Being the savvy shopper that I am, I googled for codes before pressing “Submit Order” and sure enough I found a 20% off code. Shipping was reasonable ($3.99). FedEx Smart Post was not the most intelligent however and my dressed entered and left the state of Ohio twice before coming to Cleveland (they actually came to Cleveland once, then went to New York and had to find their way back to me). Poor things.

Obviously I wore my dresses at the first opportunity!

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3rd Anniversary: Waterfalls

For our third wedding anniversary over Memorial Day weekend, Brad and I wanted to take a little trip. We started looking for destinations that weren’t terribly far or expensive but would still be fun.

Like magic, a Groupon Getaways email landed in my inbox.

“How about Niagara Falls?’ I asked Brad.

“That could be fun,” he said. “I haven’t been there since I was a kid.”

“Me either.”

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Fun Snacking {and a Giveaway!}

Something fun?

My coworker asked, when she dropped off my NatureBox delivery.

I was offered the opportunity to test out NatureBox snacks and gladly accepted.

It seem like there’s a monthly box service for everything, but I personally liked this box. NatureBox sources healthy snacks and delivers them to your door. Each month, NatureBox delivers full-sized packages of healthy snacks. My box contained all sorts of fun snacks.

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Product Review: LEVEL Life Glucose Gel

I had heard of LEVEL Life glucose gels before and was curious about treating low blood sugar with gels. I typically treat with juice or glucose tabs.

When I received an email from Ethan Lewis, founder of LEVEL Foods who also has type 1 diabetes, offering me product samples to try and provide LEVEL Foods and the DOC with feedback on, I jumped at the opportunity. When my care package arrived with samples of each flavor (Mandarin Orange, Vanilla, Caramel and Strawberry Banana), it was really strange because I was kind of looking forward to having a low blood sugar just to try the products!

Mandarin Orange


I had to wait several days to try the gels out, since I’m not in the habit of sabotaging my health with forced lows. I was out shopping with my friend and between stops, I checked my blood sugar. I’d had a bit of a breakfast mishap (read never confirmed/received first part of breakfast bolus) that had resulted in a blood sugar of 317. I’d corrected and thought I’d still be high… I wasn’t. I what a whole 54 mg/dL. And didn’t. feel. a. thing. I find that super scary that I could drop 263 points in the course of a couple of hours and not feel even a little tremble or warmth. I ripped open the packet of Mandarin Orange gel that was in my purse and was unprepared for the gel’s consistency. Aside from making a mess, the orange gel did its job and brought me back up into range.



When I got my samples, I was excited to try the vanilla, so I asked Ethan what his favorite flavor was. He said he liked the Mandarin Orange. The orange flavor was okay, but I’d say it’s not my personal favorite. I also don’t have a good track record with orange flavored anything.

The next day, in an insane turn of events, I was trembling so badly that I could barely stab my finger to test. I read at 65. I hadn’t had symptoms at 65 for months. I ripped open the vanilla, much more carefully, getting the hang of the whole gel thing. It tasted pleasant and also a bit familiar… kind of like honey. Brad tried a little taste and of course liked it (I’m sure you’re not supposed to share low treatments… but oh well.) I was back in range quickly.

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