Dazed: Trying the Best Wings in Cleveland

This is the tale of trying one of the top wing places in Cleveland… a really long wait for food and getting my butt grabbed by a toddler.

Toward the end of voting, Brad and I decided to go try out one of the front runners for NEO’s Best Wings, a dive bar called Good Olde Daze, near us in Parma. *Spoiler Alert* they ended up winning NEO’s People’s Choice for Best Wings for 2015.

We went on wing night, it wasn’t an incredible deal on wings, but it also wasn’t bad, 50 cents per wing in quantities for six with a drink purchase required… and oh yes, cash only. (They do have an onsite ATM). Brad and I went on a cold Thursday night and found no parking spaces, so we parked across the street and braved the ice to make it to the door. A door which we weren’t positive was the right one, but we found ourselves inside the small, but crowded place. When I say crowded, I mean there were people at every table, but the line of arcade games and pool table that occupied 50% of the dining area were not being used.

Right next to the door

We crossed the “game” area of the bar and tried to look for seats, the only server working confirmed that there were only two of us and seated us at the end of a table where a family was sitting. We ended up sitting by the other door, which lead to the parking lot and apparently the outdoor smoking area, because every time someone left or entered, we were blasted with cold air and cigarette smoke, several patrons were taking  frequent smoke breaks.

Our server was nice, not the best service we’ve ever had, but she was serving the whole dining area and it looked like the bar as well. There were maybe two seats open at the bar and not together. Continue reading

87th West {Restaurant Review}

Awhile ago, I decided to start writing about the various restaurants in the area that I visit and I’m very behind on it!

Brad had been travel for work just before my birthday and the day he came home, he took me out to 87th West, a wine bar at Crocker Park. It was cozy and inviting on a cold day.

We arrived and found that we could seat ourselves. Although there were several people there, they were not short on seating and it didn’t feel crowded. We selected a 2-person table near the fireplace. A server greeted us promptly with menus and asked if we had any questions. She was a great server and I wish that I remembered her name to give her a shout out! Instead of constantly checking on us, she let us know to just stand the drink menu on the table and she’d be back to take our order.

We both ordered a glass of wine (I ordered the Shoo Fly Chardonnay, highly recommend!) and perused the menu… finally landing on flatbreads for our dinner. Brad ordered the Margherita flatbread and I decided to get the Chorizo flatbread. We of course ended up sharing and both were delicious. The chorizo flatbread had sriracha aioli, roasted garlic aioli, smoked gouda, roasted red peppers, fresh mozzarella, asiago cheese and avocado creme fraiche. Yum!

The Chorizo Flatbread

I’d love to go back and share the cheese fondue sometime. It looked good, but didn’t seem like it could qualify as dinner. Maybe we’ll enjoy it on the patio when warmer weather makes its way to Cleveland.

The only problem I had with 87th West was the ladies’ room. It seemed clean but it felt like nothing in there actually worked. The faucet handle was broken and the water was extremely cold, I also felt like I had to fight both dispensers to get toilet paper and paper towels. I asked Brad how the men’s room was and he said that it was clean and everything worked… hopefully they fix that!