September Reads

Hello October!

How is today already October 1st? Where is this year going? I think someone hit fast forward here.

Anyway, one month has closed so here are a few cool reads that I’d recommend checking out from September (and August).


Invisible Illness and Your Career: Some days diabetes makes everything difficult, but those around me can’t see it. I can’t take a sick day every time my blood sugar is out of whack or my Dexcom kept me up in the middle of the night… I only get five sick days a year after all! I don’t worry about my employer or colleagues finding out about my diabetes, but I am cautious about sharing it with my clients. The last thing I would want is someone’s confidence in my abilities shaken just because my pancreas doesn’t do what it’s supposed to.

10 Annoying Email Habits to Break: I love this list but must confess that I sent my first read receipt request ever yesterday… because the person on the other end (whose job requires him to talk to me… talking to  me also happens to be the easiest part of his job) was not answering me (5 emails and a phone message) so I wanted to encourage an answer. With that said, I do really agree with this list!

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