The Best of ProbablyRachel in 2013

As this year wraps up, I’d like to share with you some of my top moments and posts.

2013 was a big year for me blog-wise.

  1. First, I transferred to self-hosting to be able to steer my blog better, I also own my domain now. I still use (and love!) WordPress. In the process, I only broke my blog once. It was for about 30 minutes and that was two weeks ago.
  2. I joined the Refashion Co-Op to share my projects with other upcycling seamstresses. It didn’t seem like a huge commitment when I joined, just one contribution per month and I’ve made some great friends. Now I find myself wishing that I had more time with my sewing machine and Sally.

  3. ProbablyRachel got a Facebook page. It’s about freaking time! I wasn’t sure if anyone would want to like it since in my head most of you live on Twitter. But I found a pretty good audience on Facebook and I can put out more of those random things that aren’t really blog-worthy but I still want to have conversations on.
  4. Most notably, I went viral. It was a cool experience and I learned a lot from it. Only a few people yelled at me for my opinions (in a year-old blog post), overall everyone was pretty cordial.

Without further rambling, here are my top 10 blogs from 2013: Continue reading

Christmas… In Photos

We started with a newly painted bathroom (more on that after the new flooring gets put in).

Before Christmas Eve got started I got a needle in my arm for labs for my endo appointment. I already got results and my A1C is down .2, meaning that we didn’t continue to A1C creeping trend! (Down, but stable. Getting closer to my personal goal, a little farther  left.)

We prepared the house for company including a crackling fire. (Our fire place is sealed, figure out how we did it…) Continue reading

What I needed was a pocket

One of my best friends got married on Saturday! I will post more about the wedding and my Matron of Honor duties later I’m sure… But today I’m posting a creative solution to a problem that some ladies with diabetes encounter: Where to put your robot parts while wearing a dress.

But before I get too deep, here’s me with the bride.

For my friend’s wedding, the other attendants and I settled on a cute, one-shoulder, chiffon dress. It looked good on everyone, which is excellent and pretty rare when putting five ladies in the same outfit.

One thing it, and most other formal/semiformal dresses, lacks is pockets. I don’t have a tubed insulin pump, so I was safe in that regard, but as a matron of honor with diabetes… there are a couple of things that I needed have with me on her wedding day. One of them was my Dexcom receiver for my continuous glucose monitor and the other was glucose. I had my testing stuff and pump supplies there that day but not on my person for the ceremony/pictures/etc.

Since I wouldn’t be able to carry a clutch down the aisle, to remedy that situation, I fashioned myself a utility garter. Here’s what I did… Continue reading

Friday Five: Things You Don’t Know About Me

In honor of a new blog set up and… well August being half-way over… Here are five things you probably don’t know about me:

1. I’m afraid of birds pooping in my open sunroof. Where I got the idea this would happen I have no idea. I was driving home with my sunroof open and a seagull flew over… I seriously held my breath until I thought I was out of the danger zone. With that being said… I am not afraid of birds.

I fed a bird on my head and wasn’t afraid of being pooped on…

2. I do not like escalators. In fact, I’m kind of afraid of them. They freak me out and I feel like I’m going to fall backwards when riding up on them. Moving sidewalks at airports? Not a problem.  Continue reading

What you should know

My heart hurts each time I hear a story about someone passing away because they had undiagnosed, or misdiagnosed, type 1 diabetes. There are a lot of things being passed around the online diabetes community trying to alert parents to the symptoms of diabetes that they should recognize, this is important to me. It’s also important to recognize these symptoms in adults because diabetes (in general) does not discriminate on age, weight, race, general health, anything.

People have died because someone (themselves, parents or doctors) thought their diabetes was just the flu or something else. My doctor thought I was pregnant. If you see these symptoms in someone yourself or a loved one, go to the doctor:

  • Extreme, persistent thirst.
  • Frequent urination.
  • Extreme hunger.
  • Explainable weight loss.
  • Fatigue or extreme tiredness.
  • Unusual behavior including mood change and irritability.
  • Blurred vision.
  • Yeast infections.
  • Vomiting.

My mouth was always dry and a craved a cool, clear glass of water. I remember filling a glass, gulping it all down, then refilling it. I thought it was dry mouth from allergies. And because I drank so much, I was going to the bathroom all the time. I was exhausted all the time, but I thought it was from getting up to go to the bathroom from drinking so much and not getting enough sleep.

I remember being out and not being able to read a menu because everything was fuzzy. Then I couldn’t eat my meal despite being extremely hungry because with every bite I thought I was going to vomit. My stomach was upset all the time, then the morning I got out of the shower and immediately threw up, I decided that I must have the flu. I thought I would rest, stay hydrated and push myself through it, but I honestly forgot when the last time I felt well was.

Brad convinced me to go to the doctor.

He saved my life. Continue reading