Weekend Wrap Up: Little Brother Edition

I really shouldn’t call my brother-in-law a “little brother” I should stick with younger. When I first met Brad’s “little brother” he was shorter than me! Since then he’s grown up a lot and is a college guy now (as opposed to the middle school tween who I first met).


Anyway, he came up to visit us this weekend arriving at our house on Friday after leaving work. He beat me there, mostly because I was talking OmniPods and walnuts with a stranger at the grocery store.

My cat looks sad, but I assure you he is not.

Brian got to experience our really exciting, typical Friday night… at home watching a movie. Sometimes weeks just wear you out!

We decided to make pizza and picked a movie to watch. That means, I made pizza and the guys picked the movie.

While we watched Non-Stop, banana nut bread baked to serve as our dessert. Brian quickly made friends with Holmes and Watson when we first adopted them, so it wasn’t a surprise that he never sat alone in a chair.

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Running Away

What did Brad and I do on the first Saturday in months that we had to ourselves?

We ran away.

A brief summary of our last few weeks has been pre-wedding events, wedding events, work events and family commitments. On top of the normal and abnormal stuff.. and my body rebelling on me (mystery allergy).

Waking up in my own bed on Saturday morning, with my husband in it with me, was a welcome return to the “normal.” Our house needed the general chores on top of a good cleaning after literally using it as a pit stop for the weekend of our friend’s wedding, a family thing earlier in the week, an unplanned drive across Ohio and a last-minute flurry of medical appointments.

We need a vacation. And we’re taking one. Soon.

On Saturday, washing everything we own, mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges, dusting from top to bottom and reorganizing multiple rooms weren’t even in the same universe as what we needed. So we left.

We headed to the East Side for some computer equipment that was listed in stock, but apparently not actually in stock at MicroCenter. With one main purpose of our escape undoable, we walked around Legacy Village. Paid a visit to Nordstrom Rack where I found a fantastic pair of pants on clearance for $10, in my size(!) that fit perfectly (similar.) and dreamed up new ways of decorating our house at Crate & Barrel. It was a beautiful day to walk around the outdoor shopping center and soak in just a little vitamin D (nowhere near the amount that the doctor actually prescribed for me on Friday).

3D printed items

Then it was off to Beachwood Place Mall, where I picked up my Victoria Secret and Bath and Bodyworks freebies that I get every few months (they now come to me instead of Pam…). We checked out the Microsoft Store and the 3D printer which was pretty cool, the back in the car and off to Eton Plaza for dinner at Paladar. Continue reading