Birthday Weekend Wrap-Up

My birthday may have fallen on a short day, but the only thing it was short of was time. Thanks to my wonderful husband, I had a fantastic birthday weekend.


I stayed at work late on Friday to say goodbye to the woman who hired me and until Friday was my supervisor. She has moved on to new opportunities and created a few of them for me as well. Brad ended up ordering Chinese for me to pick up on the way home for dinner.

When I got home, there were roses waiting for me and Stella Artois in the fridge. Stella + sesame chicken + the couch made for a nice low-key evening.



Being the horrible birthday girl that I am, I had planned to run errands on Saturday. Brad had other plans. He treated me to breakfast and let me squeeze in on errand before treating me to a surprise afternoon.

I was instructed to dress nicely and wear comfortable shoes. Our afternoon birthday adventure included three official stops and a Starbucks break. Continue reading

A Birthday Escape

Saturday was my birthday. It was a gross, cold, snowy day. I’m already sick and tired of winter and ready for some warmer weather and brighter colors.

The logical  most cost-effective option for getting the temperatures I desire was to head to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. (The logical option would be hoping on a plane and flying to Caribbean…) Saturday was not a good day to walk around to zoo itself, but when my friend recommended the rain forest as a fun cold-weather break, I jumped at the idea. I had not been to the Cleveland Zoo before so it was a fun adventure.

Brad’s family came up and went with us. (Fun fact: My father-in-law designed the concrete support structures for the rain forest building.) It was nice to walk out of the cold snow and into the tropical temperatures. I was expecting rain forest plants and animals, but I wasn’t expecting orchids! There were orchids all over which I loved.

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Blank Page

Do you ever have random thoughts that you want to share, but just aren’t sure of the forum? Things that would be written in a diary if you had one, but in this age all you have is a blog, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, etc. and none of them feel like just the right venue?

These are those thoughts… for me. Some people may call this a brain dump.

  • Sometimes being passionate about things gets me into trouble.
  • I’m not unfulfilled because I’m not a mom.
  • Cat hair and my black clothing must be magnetic. Thank God for whoever invented lint rollers.
  • Every blank page is an opportunity for something.
  • Orchids bloom in the winter because I need something bright in my life.
  • Do feminine product makers really think I want to publicly tweet them my thoughts on their products?
  • My office needs some rubber ducky in its life.
  • Why do people keep leaving things in my car?


Oh February!

I’m happy to have spring in sight, but I don’t know how much weight that holds for us right now. I’m tired of being cold all the time and I’m pretty much done with snow, but February is a mixed bag around here because although it’s still hardcore winter, we get to celebrate Brad’s birthday and Valentine’s Day and that’s good stuff.

1. We had a “snow day” on Wednesday. It snowed a bunch so I opted to work from home rather than double my commute time and go out on the roads with people who don’t know how to drive in the snow. Brad attempted to get to work, but couldn’t managed to get his car off of our street. It was nice to set up in our “home office” (otherwise known as the dining room) and spend the workday together.

Coffee refills when you work from home mean losing your seat

2. Because of all of the snow on Tuesday/Wednesday, we cleared the driveway and walkways with the snow blower. This spring we’ll be in the market for a new welcome mat for the back door. The snow blower ate ours. Continue reading

The Orchid

This winter Brad gave me a crimson lip orchid. I decided to take it to work so I could enjoy it on a daily basis and ensure that it received sunlight and watering (I’m not the best with plants and I have a resilient plant at home that is somehow still alive after over a month of forgetting to water it).

I received my orchid in full, beautiful bloom. But as is the nature of plants, the blooms shrivel and fall off eventually.



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