Cleveland: Getting Better Acquainted

We moved to the Cleveland suburbs about 3 1/2 years ago from elsewhere in Northeast Ohio. I’d say our transplant here was successful, but sometimes I feel like a bad resident because there are things that are so “Cleveland” that we haven’t yet done.

For 2015, I’ve got a few Cleveland-specific things that I’d like to do:

  • See a show at Playhouse Square (just got the tickets)
  • Check out at least one historic site or museum
  • Attend a local festival
  • Visit more of the top-ranked Cleveland restaurants

What should I add?

Brad rocking his “Cleveland is my home” shirt

In order to make myself feel better, here are some of the things I’ve done since moving here: Continue reading

Weekend Wines and Vines

Two weekends ago we hit the vineyards of NEO with our friends (more specifically the Madison/Geneva area).

We started off with lunch and tasting trays at Debonne Vineyards. The food was okay, but the wine was excellent. Brad and I had “paninis” which were more like melt-style sandwiches and they were good. Our friend Tyler had a Chicago-style hot dog and reported that it was okay. Natalie ordered a burger and it was not good. Since they were grilling it in the outdoor pavilion, we saw how they cooked it and if I’ve learned anything from Brad’s and my reality TV guilty pleasure Bar Rescue, you should not be cooking a burger under a dome the way that they did.

But the wine was the main attraction here. I discovered that even though I love blueberries, I do not like blueberry in my wine. Peach Grigio is a whole different story though! A couple of my favorites that we tasted were the Razzbery Rieseling and the Peach Tree Grigio, the River Blanc was also very good.

We went down the road a bit to the Red Eagle Distillery, which is NOT a winery, but was still pretty cool. It’s an old barn that was converted into a distillery where they distill whiskey, bourbon and vodka. The atmosphere was cool and the cocktail menu looked amazing.

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