New Year. New Post.

Look who’s a magician! I am. I managed to disappear for the rest of the year! I may not have been living online, but I have been living offline.

2016 was a busy year and the end of it was especially so. Since I last posted I traveled to three different states, won an award, closed the books on a year of business and hosted family for the holidays.

2016 Theme

The theme of 2016 for me was travel. I got so many comments this year like, “Seems like you’ve been traveling a lot lately,” “Where are you off to next?” and so on. I returned to a lot of places I’ve been before, to see family, visit clients and attend trade shows. This year felt a little extra special travel wise because I added several new states to my “I’ve visited” map. Check it out. Continue reading

Personal Initiatives for 2016

I’m sure a lot of people have already given up on their New Year’s resolutions. If you made a resolution to better yourself, keep going! I don’t really make resolutions, but there are a few personal initiatives I have for the new year.

1. Finish settling into the house.

My biggest pet peeve with the state of the new house is that there’s nothing on the walls yet. It’s nerve wracking to put the first holes in brand new drywall. For now, our large decorations are leaning against the walls roughly where we think we’ll want them and our smaller ones have either been stashed away or placed on a shelf. More than just decorating though, I’m looking forward to getting some additional organization systems in place, like adding shelves in the laundry room and putting up hooks. Settling in is also going to include putting in a yard, landscaping and either a deck or patio.

2. Be smarter about vegetables.

Typically the vegetable is the last part of the meal that I plan… last as in everything may already be cooked and on the plate before I think about vegetables. Usually we end up throwing spinach and tomatoes on the plate and calling it a salad. I want to make more use of our steamer and add variety to our vegetable options. Which really means I just need to get better at planning ahead!

3. Get back to carb counting well and better manage my diabetes. Continue reading

10 Things Tuesday: Spread the Awesome

A lot of people view a new year as a new start, but as I mentioned in my last post I’m planning to keep going with my self-improvement plans. I don’t want to start over every year. However, the New Year is a good time to measure your progress toward your goals and potentially set new ones. One thing that I’m consistently trying to do is be more positive.

A positive attitude doesn’t mean ignoring bad things that happen or failure. To me, being positive means that I learn from those things and grow because of them. Being positive can sometimes be hard, but if you’re around a positive person, do you notice that it makes you want to be positive too?

That’s one of the reasons I love taking part in the 10 Awesome Things Link Up, because it’s a great way to be positive.

It’s pretty cold and snowy here right now, so let’s talk about some of the awesome things about January and winter in general:

1. Returning to a normal routine after an erratic holiday schedule

2. My new satellite radio subscription (a Christmas present from Brad)

3. Seat heaters

4. Displaying vintage pins on my coat

5.  Cozy sweaters and scarves Continue reading

2013: A Stable Year

Good morning and happy Monday Thursday! I’m back to work after a lovely two-week holiday break. I had to leave my laptop at the office over the break for maintenance and updates… and was forbidden from using email so I turned sync off of my phone. It was lovely and freeing, however now I get to dig out of all of the correspondence since before Christmas.

While I’m working on that, here’s a bit about my last year…

When everyone was posting the “Goodbye to an amazing year” statuses on Facebook with all of their big milestones, Brad and I were chatting about what our friends/family had posted.  I guess 2013 was a big year for a lot of people: graduations, engagements, jobs, weddings, pregnancies/babies, buying homes, etc. That was not the case for us. After two whirlwind years, we finally got a break. 2011 was full for us: college graduation, getting married, starting careers, moving to Cleveland as well as being diagnosed with diabetes and losing my dad. 2012 was a winning year for us too, we bought our house, adopted Holmes and Watson and Brad made a huge career jump moving to his current company. Doing all of those things in two short years can be exhausting so 2013 was mercifully stable.

Stability is something that I haven’t had much of in my life until adulthood. I describe this year as stable because we didn’t experience a lot of changes, it was however not a boring year! I suspect that if you are a regular reader you already know that though.

In 2013: Continue reading

Looking Ahead

I know we haven’t even hit Thanksgiving or Christmas just yet…. but as I’m putting off more medical tests and thinking about my year-end endo appointment I’ve been thinking about my health in 2014 and getting a jump on some of the improvements in 2013!


My insulin and test strip needs for next year are a major concern. News that Express Scripts will no exclude both my Apidra and my Freestyle strips really ticks me off. I struggle with some insurance nightmare every year. It’s like they want to make living with diabetes tough. If you have ES through your insurance, you might want to take a peek at the 2014 preferred drug list and new exclusions. One-size treatment does not fit all and I highly doubt that my doctor would prescribe me something that didn’t work for me. I have zero desire to switch insulin or meters since I test on my pump. Carrying around a separate PDM and Dexcom receiver is hassle enough, adding a different meter and several extra steps to the list is not ideal. I’ll be asking for a letter of medical necessity in December and preparing for a fight.


I’m also doing the only thing I can to make sure my strips are accurate and checking my reasonably new quarterly supply for any recalled lot numbers. If you use Abbott test strips, you should check on the recall as well.


I want to tighten my overall control. Most days I’m happy with how type 1 and I are trying to balance, but now that I think I’ve got the hang of stability, I will inevitably be thrown off (the holidays won’t help that).

My pump targets are okay, but I think I’m going to decrease them a bit. I’ve also been working on dawn phenomenon and have gotten my fasting from the 180s to the 130s, but ideal I’d like to not have to correct every morning.

I know that I can’t cruise around at 80-100 mg/dL all day, everyday the way that people with functioning pancreases (pancreai?) do, but I’m sure as heck going to try! I got a little freaked out in the past year with a small bleed in my eye and a little scary stuff with my kidneys. The doctors telling me that the best thing I can do is to keep doing what I’m doing isn’t helping. Meeting “medical” goals might be enough for them, but it’s not enough for this perfectionist.

Meeting medical goals is great and really should be celebrated. I strive to live a “normal” life to the best of my ability and to the fullest extent that I can while carrying around a dead-weight pancreas. I don’t want to settle for the ideal numbers for “a diabetic,” I’d like to make those numbers as close to “a normal” patient as possible.

I’m still afraid of what damage was done to my body during the time that I was living undiagnosed and when I was in DKA. But the fact is, I’m alive so I have the opportunity to try my best.

A new year is a great opportunity to make changes, but I don’t think I want to wait that long. Here’s to looking ahead!