A Case of Mistaken Identity: Drug Addict or PWD?

There’s a heroin epidemic in my home state. Drug addiction is a sad and serious problem in our country that is getting a lot of media attention. This crisis has had an unexpected impact on people who live with diabetes.

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Because after insulin, laughter can be the best medicine, those of us with diabetes make jokes about it, specifically type 1s like me who have to inject either regularly or occasionally. We joke about being high, we joke about shooting up to keep from getting high and we joke about being insulin addicts. All of which are true but out of context could sound bad.

However some of the actual realities of this disease have lead to mistaken identity in some cases.

Three things happened in the course of one week over the summer that prompted me to write this post.

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That’s Sharp

Somehow, I managed to screw up my carb counting at lunch. It wasn’t a big deal, but I was halfway through my sandwich when I realized I hadn’t taken enough insulin to cover my meal (I had actually remembered to take insulin though).

I’ve been considering trying a syringe injection, because I had never given myself a syringe injection, only pens. Since I needed to take an extra unit, I decided that today might as well be the day.


The little syringe seemed very flimsy in my hand and the actual injection was not as scary as I had thought it would be. Continue reading