March Reads

The Dragon and the Cliff

As a person with diabetes, I have an intimate relationship with my numbers. I know what’s good, what’s bad and what number is better than another. These things can mean different things for me at different times and is thus extremely difficult to explain. This is possibly the best analogy of living with the numbers that I have ever read, hopefully it helps the numbers make more sense to my readers who don’t live with diabetes day in and day out.

Why is Marriage Portrayed So Negatively on TV?

I read this post about how marriages (and more specifically wives) are portrayed on TV and it reminded me of a comedy show that we attended while on (a cruise) vacation with Brad’s family the year before Brad and I were married. I didn’t laugh during the entire show and when we left, my dismay for the comedian was apparent. “You didn’t like the comedian?” I was asked. My response was, “That wasn’t funny at all, the whole show was him making cracks about his wife and ex-wife… and women in general. You can be funny without insulting half of your audience.”

I can find humor in daily life, in my marriage and in my husband without being insulted. Why do TV writers and comedians think that they can’t?

Eight Stories of Every Day Sexims as Told by Female Journalists

Someone shared this Buzz Feed story on Facebook and I was appalled by the stories but also a little frightened because I could relate to them. I may work in public relations (a predominantly female profession these days) but I work for a niche agency that serves primarily industrial clients marketing to tradespeople… which means my clients are in male-dominated fields and I’m relating with male-dominated audiences. I got asked  by a male engineer employed by my clients at a trade show if I found it difficult to be a woman working in that industry. I knew that I couldn’t answer that question honestly without sounding like a whiner (as a woman I’d be whining, if I were a man, I’d just be answering a question honestly), but I had witnessed moments before being asked that question men at the show openly oogling some of the few women who were there.

I often find myself wondering why our society hasn’t been able to get past the gender bias and start treating everyone like a person. Why is it that my husband gets asked “how’s work going?” as the first friendly question but I get asked about how things are with the house or with my cats (and depending on the person asking, whether I have children) before anyone bothers to ask me about my career?

Did you know that March is Women’s History Month?

A Birthday Escape

Saturday was my birthday. It was a gross, cold, snowy day. I’m already sick and tired of winter and ready for some warmer weather and brighter colors.

The logical  most cost-effective option for getting the temperatures I desire was to head to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. (The logical option would be hoping on a plane and flying to Caribbean…) Saturday was not a good day to walk around to zoo itself, but when my friend recommended the rain forest as a fun cold-weather break, I jumped at the idea. I had not been to the Cleveland Zoo before so it was a fun adventure.

Brad’s family came up and went with us. (Fun fact: My father-in-law designed the concrete support structures for the rain forest building.) It was nice to walk out of the cold snow and into the tropical temperatures. I was expecting rain forest plants and animals, but I wasn’t expecting orchids! There were orchids all over which I loved.

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Hello March!

I generally like the month of March.

My birthday is in March, and I still like birthdays!

If you live in northeast Ohio, you know that March is a pretty bi-polar month. Sometimes it’s frigid and snowy, other years it’s practically summer and yet other years this month covers the entire weather spectrum. Regardless of how the weather actually behaves at any given time, March holds out hope for spring, sunshine and longer days.

So far, we’ve had a busy March… and it’s only the 4th!

This weekend, we celebrated several birthdays including our own. Next weekend is all about me and my birthday! Even though being born on the 8th means I was a winter baby, I still feel like my birthday means Spring.

Aside from birthdays, March is full of holidays, this year especially!

Happy National Grammar Day!

Starting with today, National Grammar Day! In honor of National Grammar Day, think about the grammar problem you have most often, then make a conscious effort to fix it.

In March we’ll also celebrate:

  • March 14th is Pi Day, another nerdy holiday but is often celebrated with tasty dessert. Why Pi Day? It’s 3.14
  • St. Patrick’s Day on the 17th and everything green that comes with it!
  • The first official day of spring
  • Easter and all of the surrounding observances

I have lots of fun things happening including a work cupcake event and a product launch.

Happy almost spring friends! What are you looking forward to this month?

The Orchid

This winter Brad gave me a crimson lip orchid. I decided to take it to work so I could enjoy it on a daily basis and ensure that it received sunlight and watering (I’m not the best with plants and I have a resilient plant at home that is somehow still alive after over a month of forgetting to water it).

I received my orchid in full, beautiful bloom. But as is the nature of plants, the blooms shrivel and fall off eventually.



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