September Reads

Hello October!

How is today already October 1st? Where is this year going? I think someone hit fast forward here.

Anyway, one month has closed so here are a few cool reads that I’d recommend checking out from September (and August).


Invisible Illness and Your Career: Some days diabetes makes everything difficult, but those around me can’t see it. I can’t take a sick day every time my blood sugar is out of whack or my Dexcom kept me up in the middle of the night… I only get five sick days a year after all! I don’t worry about my employer or colleagues finding out about my diabetes, but I am cautious about sharing it with my clients. The last thing I would want is someone’s confidence in my abilities shaken just because my pancreas doesn’t do what it’s supposed to.

10 Annoying Email Habits to Break: I love this list but must confess that I sent my first read receipt request ever yesterday… because the person on the other end (whose job requires him to talk to me… talking to  me also happens to be the easiest part of his job) was not answering me (5 emails and a phone message) so I wanted to encourage an answer. With that said, I do really agree with this list!

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July Reads

In an attempt to better organize my blog and my life… I’ve categorized my July reads!

Personal Growth

10 Ways to Be a Better Person.  Unfortunately this list is not intuitive for a lot of people. #5 on the list (go to funerals) really isn’t fun, but it means so much. People who came to my dad’s funeral for me and not themselves were truly wonderful and showed how much they cared about me.

Millennial Topics

10 Things Every 20-Something Kitchen Needs. I can’t say that every 20-something’s kitchen needs everything on the list, but if you’re putting together a kitchen for the first time on you own, it’s got some good recommendations. Also a good place to start looking for housewarming gift ideas. I also recommend a meat thermometer. It was the best $5ish we ever spent and might keep you from giving yourself food poisoning.

Seek a Mentor, Be a Mentor. I agree completely.

13 Things Successful Millennials Do in Their Spare Time. Even if you aren’t a millennial, making good use of your spare time is a good idea. Continue reading

June Reads

Happy July Friends!

I’m a little behind on my extracurricular because… well live first, blog second. I was the happy recipient of a Sunshine Blog Award and have not forgotten what that entails! I also owe someone a guest blog… but I did read/see some great stuff in June, so here’s a brief list.

What’s Hot in Wearable Technology.

I’ve ranted a bit about the size issues of wearable technology, but I’m still intrigued by what is and will eventually be out there. Google Glass has been a lot of fun so far to play with and has come in handy for more than a few things, such as a very steady video of my mother’s wedding.

This article is interesting to me because I can’t immerse myself completely in tech blogs since I don’t speak that language (gasp!) and I don’t really get into all of the details when it comes to resolution, memory, software and speed comparisons – but don’t worry I’ve got a guy for that. I liked this blog post because it was written by a communication pro… that’s a language I understand! SCiO in particular intrigues me… get nutrition information from scanning food? That’s pretty cool. Continue reading

Back From Vacation & May Reads

I’m working on settling back into a routine after a long weekend celebrating our 3rd anniversary (which is actually tomorrow!).

I’m now that I’m back to work, the fact that I’m back from vacation got majorly rubbed in by links to vacation articles in the various email newsletters I receive. Article titles like “Why Taking a Vacation Can Make You Better At Your Job” (here’s the link to that.) and “Don’t Set Yourself Up For a Stressful Vacation” just say to me: Hey Rachel! You’re not on vacation anymore!

It was good for us though, very nice to get away for a couple of days, just the two of us. I know that sounds weird because we don’t have kids so it’s usually just the two of us, but often when we travel there’s family or friends involved… which is a good thing. But as far as anniversary travel goes, I liked it being just us.

Anyway, we had a great time and I’ll blog about that later.

Here’s a sneak peek:


Onto the May Reads!
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April Reads

From March but still a good read: 11 Ways to Avoid Sounding Like a Sexist Jerk – Even if You’re a Woman!

Being a woman in her 20s who regularly works with people who have (or could have) children older than me is not a recipe for being treated or feeling like a “real” adult. Being referred to as: girl, girlie, sweetie, dear or anything else is not okay (by men or women!)

20 Ways to Know You’re a Grown-Ass Woman

This could probably use a better title… however, I especially like #12 and #20. But good all the way around.

21 Things You Didn’t Know Could Be Mailed

But if you sent them to me, they’d probably arrive a week late, torn in half or be delivered to the top of my mailbox… asking to be stolen! (The Postal Service and I don’t have the greatest relationship.)

Because that’s not asking for trouble

I read a lot of good stuff this month but didn’t do a great job at bookmarking it.