Friday Five: Confessions

This Friday Five thing might become a regular feature….

Anyway it’s time for some confessions of the week:

  1. I lost my credit card when I stopped to buy a head of lettuce at the store. I searched my purse, car and house before we reported it missing to the company. I’ll have a new card tomorrow. I found my “lost” card about an hour after the report, stuck to my driver’s license.
  2. I enjoyed a cup of coffee before my dentist appointment today (and after).
  3. I have already been plotting Christmas gifts for people, but I’m holding back because it seems so early to get them. Continue reading

Friday Five: Things I Don’t Understand

There are just some things that I don’t “get.” For example:

1. Glass bottle trees. I don’t understand the whole idea around displaying bottles in your front yard. It looks a little bit like the recycling bin rebelled.  So when I searched for a picture to share with you, I found out that people aren’t making these themselves (silly me!) they actually pay for them. The one pictured can be purchased for $30. Why?

2. Fake pockets. There’s nothing more annoying than to need a pocket and only have the fake out ones.

3. Dust jackets on books. I like book covers, whether illustrated or not. But dust jackets have always annoyed me and gotten in the way. They fold, flop, wrinkle and tear plus all of my books that have jackets look 100x cooler without them. Continue reading


A few weeks ago I tweeted: It may have seemed unfair at the time, but I’m glad my parents made me work and pay for non necessities (like a car) it made me responsible.

One of the biggest things I owe my parents is thanks for lessons that may have seemed unfair at the time, but actually shaped me into a responsible, independent adult.

Example 1: My parents didn’t take my sister or me to get our ears pierced at 18 months, like many of their peers. They waited until we were 12, for two reasons. They deemed 12 to be an age where we were capable of deciding whether we even wanted to have pierced ears and at 12, they deemed we would be responsible enough to care for them on our own (you know the cleaning and turning). For my sister’s 12th birthday, she got her ears pierced. I was almost nine and I really, really wanted mine done too. At some point, my parents discussed with me the responsibility involved and I had to wait three whole years before I got mine pierced for my 12th birthday. (Then at 15 my mother agreed to sign for me to get another set of holes in my ears.) Continue reading

You Can (and I have proof)

When I was first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, the word diabetes appeared on every piece of medical paperwork… I started wondering about some things and decided to do some research. Then a Twitter friend asked if she could donate blood with diabetes. Even though I don’t meet donor requirements for other reasons (weight limit) I looked it up…

You Can

Some things require “reasonably controlled diabetes.” With diabetes you can still:

[source for Rock Star – Miss America]

Also, we can eat cheeseburgers if we so desire (I’ve been asked that a lot).


There are a few limitations that we’re stuck with because of diabetes, but this list is much, much shorter than what you can do. Continue reading

Free Lunch!

There really such a thing as a free lunch…

I’m had an insulin-free lunch of leftover stuffed chicken breast and steamed asparagus.

Last night, inspiration struck and I modified this recipe significantly, mainly by forgoing bread crumbs and lime, cutting cheese and bacon amounts, and having it grilled by my own grill master. Continue reading