The Corrective Lenses Conspiracy

I’m frustrated with my vision. Well… not exactly my vision. It could be better but I’m frustrated with the crap that comes along with requiring vision correction.

Obligatory giant pupil photo

For me, vision care does the wobbly dance on the line between my vision insurance and my health insurance for coverage. Thanks to type 1 diabetes I have to get a dilated eye exam each year from an ophthalmologist. Part of which includes a regular vision exam. Well, my health insurance covers the dilated exam but not the vision exam part of it. And go figure, the ophthalmologist that my health insurance covers doesn’t take my vision plan… and vice versa. So I’m stuck paying out of pocket for part of my exam.

Then there’s contacts. I can’t get my vision exam, dilated exam and contact order all from the same person. For what reason? I don’t know. Continue reading

His Eyes

Until April 4th, if you removed Brad’s glasses, he would be completely unable to function. Without the corrective lenses, he was legally blind with 20/800 vision.

On Wednesday, April 2nd we went to the Lasik Vision Centers of Cleveland for a consultation. This was Brad’s second consultation, picking up on research into corrective, laser eye surgery that he had begun two years ago. Over the past two years, the topics of Lasik and Brad getting contacts had come up several times and we’d only talked about it. Brad tried out contacts in March for a third time in his life and again was not able to use them.

Last picture with necessary glasses

We went into the consultation appointment knowing that Lasik was probably the answer to Brad’s vision problems. We left with prescriptions for drops and 2 Valium and a surgery date of Friday, April 4th! They originally put him on the schedule for Lasik on Friday the 19th, but he asked if they could work him in earlier and they could.

Surgery Day

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Friday Five: Cornea Corniness

My husband thinks he’s a comedian, so of course correcting his vision with Lasik gave him all sorts of new jokes and one-liners. Here are a few of his recent zingers:

1. While having a conversation with Brad, he went upstairs which results in raising the conversation volume, but he eventually couldn’t hear me and shouted downstairs, “They fixed my vision, not my hearing!”

2. “The good thing about Lasik is that I can see. The bad thing is that it isn’t going to help me find anything.”

3.“In an odd turn of events I have to put glasses on to go to bed.” (In reference to his sleep goggles) 

4. I conversation we had the morning of my cousin’s wedding:

“Do you want to do the wetting drops first?”

“No, I’d rather do the reception drops.”

5. “It’s really strange to see you in glasses and me without them. Hashtag role reversal.” (For a guy who doesn’t use Twitter, Brad hashtags his own comments a lot!)

Easter celebrations this weekend will be the first time his family has seen him without glasses in nearly 20 years. I”m still trying to decide if I should wear a dress from my closet for Easter or refashion a new one… ah procrastination at its finest!

Have a wonderful weekend and a very happy Easter!

Weekend Five

In case anyone was really missing a Friday Five post last week, here’s my excuse for missing AND a wrap up of my weekend in five neat bullet points.

1. On Friday morning I took my bespectacled and slightly nervous husband to the Lasik Vision Centers of Cleveland. He walked in with 20/800 vision and walked out with his glasses in my purse. I’ll write more about his experience (and mine) later, but on Friday Brad had eye surgery that has already changed his life. And, on Friday I watched Brad have eye surgery!

The last picture with glasses

2. On Friday evening after Brad’s long nap and a long-ish day working from home, my aunt and cousin were in the area so they dropped by and we introduced them to B Spot. Continue reading