Friendly Reminder

If you don’t know at least one person who had (or has) the flu, consider yourself lucky!

I feel like I dodged a major bullet avoiding the flu so far this year, I was unknowingly exposed to someone with it, my husband caught it and kicked it quickly, but I’m still wary. I’m also kind of anti-social right now.

Here’s a friendly reminder to anyone with the flu, a cold or any other contagious ailment: Stay away from others. Seriously, don’t try to be a social sick person or try to convince others (and yourself) that you’re well when you aren’t. Just because “it’s going around” doesn’t mean you should go around with it.

Since so many people around me have fallen ill to this year’s flu, plus the nasty cold that I actually did come down with a few months ago, I’ve been extra vigilant about my health. I’m not sure how far it will get me, but I’ve added an extra vitamin C to my regular daily vitamin, I’m drinking lots of water and green tea and I’m washing my hands… a lot.

It’s also not a bad idea during cold and flu season to kick up the cleaning a notch ny sanitizing things like doorknobs, light switches, other handles, keyboards, phones and workspaces.

For most “normal” people coming down with a cold or the flu is an inconvenience and some missed work time. For people with diabetes, like me, coming down with a cold or the flu wreaks havoc on my overall health. These viruses directly impact blood sugar levels making diabetes even harder to manage on top of the regular sick management, plus it takes longer to get over illness.

If you’re sick, I hope that you feel better soon. I also hope that you remember to practice good hygiene and anti-social behavior.

I’m curious about this, Brad had a flu shot and still caught the flu this year. He’s not the only one who experiences this.

Did you get a flu shot? Did you catch the flu?