Friday Five: The Grocery Store

Life has been a bit crazy lately and I pushed my weekly grocery store trip off until yesterday. Bad. Idea. It was one of the worst shopping experiences of my life… here are the highlights lowlights:

1. I got my foot run over by an elderly couples’ shopping cart upon entering the store.

2. A woman on a motorized scooter didn’t look before backing up and nearly hit me. I hollered “Whoa!” to hopefully get her attention, and she stopped her scooter but never bothered to look at me. I quickly grabbed my produce and fled the area.

3. People don’t know how to not block aisles when they shop.

4. The store rearranged its layout recently and now I don’t know where anything is.

5. I couldn’t buy tomato wraps as I wanted to because every single package was expired. I dug through all of them and they had expired on Wednesday. When I handed a pack of them to the stockboy and explained that they were all expired, he looked at me like he didn’t know what an expiration date was until I waved the package of wraps at him and said, “Someone should know about this.” Unfortunately… that’s not the first time they’ve had a full stock of expired wraps at that store. Yes, I will be writing to them about it.

I wish I could shop in the middle of the night, but I value my sleep too much. I will be icing my foot and investing in some steel-toed shopping shoes!

Do you have any crazy grocery shopping stories? Please share them with me!


Ice pack courtesy of the infuriating people at my pharmacy who send me insulin but take 42 minutes to work out a simple problem…

…and probably caused my 10-minutes nosebleed just now.

Friday Five: Human Behavior

There are things that people do/say that I just don’t get. For example:

1. Wearing contacts but being grossed out by someone else putting in or taking out their contacts.

2. Going to the back door the very first time visiting someone’s home. Guests use the front door, if you’re visiting my home and not delivering an appliance, you’re a guest. Also, the front door has a doorbell, the back door doesn’t.  There is no line of sight for the back door in my home, so the only reason I know you’re at my house is because I saw your car in my driveway. I’m tempted to leave people out there and see what happens.

The front mat is the welcoming one

3. Saying, “I know” instead of asking. For example, instead of asking if you had a good trip they say, “I know you had a good trip” my question is how do you know I had a good trip? I feel like they are trying to address something without leaving the other person a chance to talk about their own experiences.

4. Leaving the toilet lid up everywhere but at their own homes. If you close it at your home, why not close it everywhere? (My cats have both gotten stuck in the bathtub in the past… an open toilet is a recipe for disaster.)

5. Driving like a moron the moment raindrops start… need I say more?

What human behaviors puzzle you?