It’s Done!

We had our pre-settlement walk through today and our house is done!

Today is day 78 of the build.

We’re off to sign the final papers later today and the keys are ours on Friday, which is good because we’re moving in on Saturday.

The house itself is completely finished, but there are a couple of things they’ll be working on after we move in. The wet weather has delayed grading on the yard, but we won’t be planting that until spring anyway.

80 days from breaking ground to handing over keys.


First selfie in the new house. Locked out until final walk through. #probablybuild

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I’ll post some pictures after we move in.

Home Sweet, Hole in the Ground

Brad and I have been living in the “shoe box” apartment for a month now. We can’t wait until we get to live in our house.

Unfortunately, our house isn’t a house yet. It’s basically a concrete hole in the ground. They dug on July 8th, and by July 15th our basement had been poured (poured concrete, not cinder blocks) and was curing in the (finally) hot summer sun.

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Get the Most of Your Visit to a Model Home

If you’re considering building a home, you’re probably going to end up visiting a model home at some point. Here are my recommendations for getting the most out of your model home visit.

Visit a model you can actually build. In our community, the model home is not the type of home we’re building. We wanted to see the model of a Florence so our Ryan rep told us which communities had Florence models and we went to one of those. She called the Ryan rep at the other community to let her know we were coming and she greeted us by name when we got there, let us know to tell her if we had any questions and left us alone.

Don’t rush through. Take your time walking through the model. Take a couple of laps if you have to, and don’t let other model visitors make you feel like you should move on from a room more quickly than your ready. Continue reading

Weekend Snapshots

You know we sold our house, we’re building a new one and just recently returned from vacation, right? (If not, feel free to catch up!)

This makes life very busy. I mention vacation because while we were on vacation, our friend who was taking care of our cats while we were gone called us in a panic. The breakfast nook in our officially sold house was experiencing the heavy rain from outside on the inside. It was the perfect combination of heavy rains, a newly clogged gutter and a worn seal on the balcony floor.

We got a contractor to come out and look at it on Saturday, he gave us an estimate and recommended that we do the demo part ourselves to save time, money and mess. So Brad cut down part of the ceiling and we made sure everything was dry for replacing this week. Thankfully, the only things that need replaced are a small piece of drywall, a small amount of insulation and the balcony floor needs resealed. The gutter has already been cleaned out and the neighbor’s tree has been glared at a time or two.

We also had a little house planning fun, we went back to Ryan Homes and signed a couple of change orders and figured out the hanging fixture in our morning/dining room.

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Solutions for Temporary Housing Between Closings

My last business trip had me at a well-appointed Hyatt House

We can’t break ground on our new home until our current home sale closes. Although everything is good with the sale, it was a contingency we wrote into the build in order to protect us.

The problem is that our buyers want keys surrendered at closing. They’re paying darn near asking price on the place so we aren’t going to say no. That leaves us temporarily without a home. It’s kind of a stressful thought, but there are temporary housing options for those between homes.

Here are the ones we considered:

Rent back from your buyer. When Brad and I bought our first house, we let the sellers rent back from us for two months while they found a new place. It worked out because we were in a lease with our apartment anyway. Unfortunately, we can’t do that. Continue reading