The Caroler Coat Refashion

Many years ago I was given a vintage dress coat that swept all the way down to my ankles. It was a pretty gray wool with a dark velvet collar and it flared out into a skirt at the bottom. I called it my caroler coat because it reminded me of something a stereotypical Victorian caroler would wear.

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The Last Little Bit of Summer {Refashion}

Here’s a final summer refashion as the weather has been cooler and the days have become shorter.

… speaking of shorter. I’ve had two old pairs of pants sitting in the refashion basket for awhile.

Both pairs were at least a touch too long and had the backs walked off of them to a point that they were frayed.

The blue pants were snug fitting through the hips to the knees, then came out in a wide flare at the bottom. These I decided should be capris.

Have you noticed that it’s hard to find capri pants any more? I have, so these fit the bill pretty well.

The brown ones fit great in the hips and thighs, and were loose at the knees and quite wide at the ankles.

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Denim Skirt Refashion

Anyone miss my refashions?

I have to confess that I have three four refashion projects that I started and then ran out of steam on. It goes in waves for me and when the holidays got busy my projects got set aside. However, the good news is, those projects have all of my pins tied up, which means if I want to sew something, I’ll have to finish one of them!

Anyway, a couple of months back I did one of the most basic refashions possible: I hemmed a skirt.

Remember when long denim skirts were kind of popular? I dug one of them out of a bunch of my old things that are waiting for new life. Since I wasn’t planning to blog about hemming a skirt, I didn’t bother taking a before picture.

Don’t worry, I already kicked myself.

Anyway, it took about 10 minutes. Continue reading