Happiness Is…

I’m getting over a cold or something that involves sinuses and a scratchy throat, plus coming off three nights of consecutive nosebleeds. I think I need a little happy in my life right now.

So I took on Sarah and Erin’s challenge to sit down and compose a list of 32 things that make me happy.

32 is a pretty big number, but I can do it!

Thing that make me happy: (in no particular order)

  1. This guy:

    Photo by J Bauer Productions

  2. Sunshine
  3. My new blue scarf
  4. Hot coffee
  5. Dark chocolate
  6. Kitty snuggles Continue reading

Friday Five: Making Me Happy

Things that have made me happy in large and small ways this week…

1. My 75-cent pin. I’ve been thrifting for a project and while I’ve been scouring thrift shops for teacups, I’ve also found myself checking for little treasures… like my 75-cent, key stick pin. When I saw it, I knew it’d be perfect for pinning on scarves.

2. Life’s little bizarre events. Things like the clicker on my pen randomly springing off in the middle of a meeting.

3. This video of the surfing bulldog. A coworker shared it with me this week and it was cute enough to make my husband kind of want a dog.


4. Lint rollers. I keep a lint roller in the bedroom, one near the back door and one in my desk. They’re wonderful inventions that keep me looking put together. I find that I lint roll before I leave for work to catch any stray pet hair. Then I lint roll again before I leave the office to get my own hair off my clothes. Seriously, put one in your Easter basket.

5. Easter. I like Easter, even if it’s still acting like winter Easter screams spring. I love tulips, lilies and daffodils that seem to be making an appearance. I love saving back a pretty dress to wear to Easter church service. It’s a refreshing holiday.

What’s been making you happy lately?