Summer Lovin’ Weekend Wrap Up

It’s officially summer! Is anyone else as excited about this fact as I am?

I’m posting my weekend wrap-up on Wednesday, which might be a blogging sin, but oh well! Over the weekend we celebrated the beginning of summer with a whole slew of newlyweds (married for 10 months, 1 1/2 months and 1 month) we were the old married folks in the room yard.

We grilled up the goodies that I mentioned in my post on Friday, except for the potatoes because the potatoes I bought had blight. (A really gross fungus that isn’t visible from the outside so cut open your potatoes dear readers and avoid the ick.) On Saturday it was the gathering of the K-Couples. All of our last names start with “K” now, we are all homeowners, T-Mobile customers and cat owners… we also all suck at Ladder Golf if we’re being honest.

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Friday Five: Grilling

Tomorrow marks the first official day of summer! Although I’ve already spent a fair amount of time enjoying summer activities, soaking up the sun and cursing my awkwardly sunburned knees.

Yesterday, my office took a field trip and attended the Cleveland Indians v. Los Angeles Angels game at Progressive Field, that ended with an exciting 2-out grand slam in the 10th inning. (I sound like I know something about sports!) I came out of the game with some really red knees though… Oh well! Live and learn and slather more sunscreen on next time.

This weekend though, we’re ringing in summer with one of our favorite activities… grilling.

You’ve got to really like grilling to get a monster like this!

You may not know that grills are good for more than cooking up hamburgers and hot dogs, here’s out weekend grill line up: Continue reading

Not cooking by the book and a recipe for grilled peaches

I alter recipes right and left. I’m not a careful measurer of certain ingredients. And if I make it a few times, I don’t even bother with digging the recipe out of my box.

In short…. I drive my husband crazy.

When Brad was going to grill steaks at home for Valentine’s Day, he looked up the exact seasoning and temperature to grill at. He did the same thing for pork chops, chicken burgers, brats, corn, etc. I get it. I understand the desire to find the steps for a guaranteed positive outcome. It’s not always the way I work though.

I wanted to grill peaches since a) they’re in season and b) I’ve heard they’re good  but never had them. I looked at several recipes to get ideas of how to season them and get specifics on heat/time. In my opinion, grilled peaches are a side and not a dessert so most of the recipes that included sugar, ice cream and honey got nixed. Here’s how we ended up doing the peaches (Brad is the griller… I just help):