How to give a good birthday gift

This post is sponsored by UnCommonGoods. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

With the holidays behind us, gift giving may have gotten pushed to the back of your mind. But not mine! Most people have Valentine’s Day coming up to think about a great gift for their special someone, but for me I’ve got birthdays on the brain.

Brad’s birthday is in February and two weeks later is my birthday.

So… how do you give a good birthday gift? First you find a source, UncommonGoods has a lot of great birthday gifts, I’ll help you find just the right one. Aside from having really cool stuff, they have a lot of heart, UncommonGoods aims to have a positive impact, they offer handmade, recycled and organic products and make it easy to give back, check out their mission to learn more.

There are a few things that make a gift a good pick for another person, here’s they are: Continue reading

The Gift and the Giver

I hope that you had a lovely Christmas!

Brad and I were discussing some of the differences in the feelings of the season between childhood and adulthood. One thing I’ve been thinking about with Christmas this year is that gift giving is amazing (okay I’ve always loved gift giving) and that it says more about the giver than the givee. (I know, “recipient” not givee, but that worked with my statement better.)

I was psyched this year about the gifts that we got for people this year because they were, in my opinion, perfect. Continue reading

Friday Five: Holiday Catch Up

Here’s what is or has happened holiday wise so far:

1. Decorations are up. 

Of course I haven’t taken very many pictures yet. *gasp* But Brad and I decided to dial it back a bit at our house this year and only put up the big tree in the living room. The shorter dining room tree is hanging out in the attic this year.

2. We partied last week.

I was right to be excited for Brad’s work party last weekend. It was yet again a lot of fun.


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Favorite Gifts (Given)

This is a Christmas post that couldn’t be posted until Christmas had passed. I don’t like to post “Hey look what I got for Christmas!” posts, but I’ve been itching to share some of the things we gave to people this year, along with the thought processes behind them. See why I had to wait?

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