Summer Lovin’ Weekend Wrap Up

It’s officially summer! Is anyone else as excited about this fact as I am?

I’m posting my weekend wrap-up on Wednesday, which might be a blogging sin, but oh well! Over the weekend we celebrated the beginning of summer with a whole slew of newlyweds (married for 10 months, 1 1/2 months and 1 month) we were the old married folks in the room yard.

We grilled up the goodies that I mentioned in my post on Friday, except for the potatoes because the potatoes I bought had blight. (A really gross fungus that isn’t visible from the outside so cut open your potatoes dear readers and avoid the ick.) On Saturday it was the gathering of the K-Couples. All of our last names start with “K” now, we are all homeowners, T-Mobile customers and cat owners… we also all suck at Ladder Golf if we’re being honest.

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K-Couple Photo-Filled Weekend

Welcome to my (Tuesday) weekend wrap-up!


My busy weekend started on Friday with a trip to Mount Union’s beautiful rain-soaked campus to chat with an Advanced Public Relations class. I love talking with students and sharing with them some of the things that I learned the hard way or that I wish someone had told me when I was sitting in their desks.

After my presentation, I braved the rain again to stop at Green Farms market, a wonderful little store that smells like fresh fruit, to pick up a few things. Including some farm-fresh goodness that Brad has been unable to find since we moved “up north.”


Saturday we made the trip south again (3rd time in one week for me) to see my brother-in-law and his girlfriend off to her senior prom, have a double date with my in-laws and crash at their place for Sunday’s wedding.

We sent the swanky looking couple off to the dance in our car after playing paparazzi. Brad’s an excellent photographer and I’m pretty good at identifying shots and posing people, so we made a good team. (And practiced a little for Sunday’s wedding.)

Picture by Bradley Kerstetter

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