I haven’t been a glasses wearer for my whole life, so in the short period of time after having to get glasses and then getting contacts, I wore some super cute, but reasonably heavy, frames all day every day. I never got used to them resting on my nose and found myself taking my glasses off periodically to give myself a break.

After getting contacts, the old glasses weren’t an issue since I only wore them for a few hours a week. So when the right lens ended up scratched, I had an eye exam scheduled and Firmoo offered me a pair of glasses to review… and shared their newest styles with me, it was perfect timing.

I used my new, barely changed prescription to get a new pair of glasses.

I opted for one of the new frame styles.

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A Weekend Wrap Up and New Shades

A weekend wrap-up on Wednesday? You bet!

I would have posted this yesterday but d-blog check prompted me to write about diabetes stuff.

If you follow me on Twitter you probably saw that I have a brand new niece as of last night. As of now, I have three nieces and one nephew. But soon enough, I’ll have a second nephew! He’s still cooking though and won’t be here until the fall. I love being an aunt.

Anyway, I’ve got to tell you about my weekend!


My weekend started off on Friday with the delivery of my brand new, super sweet, complimentary Firmoo sunglasses. The folks at Frimoo offered me a free set of glasses or sunglasses to try out, so I went for a new pair of shades. I got regular sunglasses (this pair to be precise), but they offer prescription sunglasses as well.

I was excited for my sunglasses, but I was extra impressed by what they arrived with. My sunglasses came in a cool map hard-side case with a cleaning cloth, a protective sleeve and a handy tool. I put on my spiffy shades and left work early (yay summer Fridays!) to find my in-laws waiting for me at my house (this was planned in case you were concerned).

We had a nice visit with them and appreciated that they came to see us since they were in Cleveland anyway.

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