Our First House: A Love Story

I feel like everything with our first house, now known as the Pelham house, was tied together with love. Allow me to explain…

For me, the house was love at first sight. We were set up with a realtor to view a house one evening and he sent over a bunch of listings and asked if we’d like to set up viewings with any other homes. I sorted through the ones that Brad had marked “good” as well as the ones he’d marked “meh.” Pelham was marked “meh,” but I loved it, specifically I loved the peaked roof and the fact that it just looked happy. The realtor got us in. When we saw it, we knew.

We put in an offer when the home had been on the market for only 14 days. The day after we put in an offer, we went to the wedding of two of our friends. Continue reading

Helping the Men in Our Lives Stay Healthy

No one really likes to go to the doctor. It seems like men as a gender in general are known for avoiding those who wear white coats.

Oscar Insurance put together a great infographic for Men’s Health Week (this week) and apparently June is Men’s Health Month. Most wives probably realize long before walking down the aisle, that part of the role they will play in their partner’s life includes encouraging him to be healthy.  Continue reading

A Quick Recap of February, Love Hearts and Surgery

My monthly parking tag was hot pink for the month of February. How fitting for a month dedicated the hearts, roses and mushy romantic stuff.

Normally, I like February and this year was no exception. Although, I could have done without living through the coldest one ever on record for NEO! My month started off great, riding the high from my awesome Plain Dealer feature. Mid month was nice with Valentine’s Day and then eventful with an office move. Then I celebrated Brad’s birthday.

But February was capped off with a more serious heart-related event. Brad’s younger brother went in for open heart surgery. How fitting that February is National Heart Month? Although we knew it was coming, he and his parents had the information and stats, the actual day of surgery brought all the normal feelings associated with a healthy, 20-year-old man having open heart surgery.

He came through it like a champ. At the end of the day, you can be at the best place in the world for heart care (hello Cleveland Clinic!), know the facts, be aware of all of the stats, but there is nothing like seeing your loved one awake and whole after surgery.

Even though this cold February has thankfully ended, keep your heart in mind. Be nice to it, be aware of what it does for you.

Now I get to adjust to someone in the family being much more bionic than I am!

Huggable guts make great get-well gifts by the way, just make sure you know whether the recipient will find it cute or creepy first.


Since this is probably the last blog I’ll post before Thanksgiving so I figured I would take a moment to share a couple of the things I’m thankful for this year.

1. My wonderful husband

2. Good health

3. Family far and near Continue reading

Vacation Wrap Up – The Florida Chapters

I’ve been back from vacation for over awhile now and have barely shared any of it! Let’s fix that.

This particular trip included what I’ve broken up into two parts: The Florida Chapters and The Cruise Chapters

Brad and I got up very early in the morning and flew down to Tampa on Friday.

Its far too early to have to be awake. #airplaneswaitfornowoman

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We picked up our rental car at the airport then we spent the day with our friends who moved to the area in May (the lovely couple whose wedding we photographed).

Our first stop was lunch at Tijuana Flats. We were famished having not had food since 5:00am. If you have the chance to visit a Tijuana Flats, definitely do it! They make good burritos and I hear the nachos are also good. The unique thing about this restaurant is their hot sauce bar. With everything from mild to burn off your taste buds, there’s a sauce for everyone.

Then we got a tour of the range and store where our friend works. I’d say that every vacation should start with a double date at a shooting range… right? Continue reading