The Corrective Lenses Conspiracy

I’m frustrated with my vision. Well… not exactly my vision. It could be better but I’m frustrated with the crap that comes along with requiring vision correction.

Obligatory giant pupil photo

For me, vision care does the wobbly dance on the line between my vision insurance and my health insurance for coverage. Thanks to type 1 diabetes I have to get a dilated eye exam each year from an ophthalmologist. Part of which includes a regular vision exam. Well, my health insurance covers the dilated exam but not the vision exam part of it. And go figure, the ophthalmologist that my health insurance covers doesn’t take my vision plan… and vice versa. So I’m stuck paying out of pocket for part of my exam.

Then there’s contacts. I can’t get my vision exam, dilated exam and contact order all from the same person. For what reason? I don’t know. Continue reading

All Clear. See You Next Year!

I had my annual dilated eye exam last week, and it was kind of hilarious.

The Waiting Room

I was unknowingly scheduled for the last appointment of the day. I always schedule this particular exam in the afternoon so that I don’t feel obligated to get back in front of a computer. This meant that I spent a lot of time in the waiting room. My ophthalmologist recently moved from the basement of the building to the 4th floor. The basement was good because the waiting room wasn’t blinding, but the phone reception was not good. So this time I had my phone to occupy the long wait… and an animated toddler.

Sitting across the waiting room from me was a teenage girl and her little brother (who appeared to be about 3). There’s no such thing as a private conversation with a bored toddler, so I learned via unavoidable eaves dropping that their mother was currently seeing the ophthalmologist. And the child was bored. He wasn’t a terror thankfully and could be kept contained to their corner of the waiting room and climbed on all the chairs in the section then announced that he had to go potty.

Upon returning from the bathroom, he resumed climbing the chairs and then promptly announced, “I farted!” before dissolving into giggles.

His sister told him he was gross and was able to entertain him with a game on her iPod for a bit before I heard this conversation: Continue reading

My Eyes

I had my first ophthalmologist appointment over the summer which I wrote about. What I didn’t write about is that I was told to wear vision correction, given a slip with my prescription and sent on my way – into very bright light.

I’ve never ordered glasses on my own and with not needing full time correction in the past, I didn’t have a clue how to order contacts. Everyone I know who wears them has had an optometrist’s office to help walk them through, get trials and order glasses. I felt a little lost. When I finally decided (and set a deadline) for getting started with contacts, a very nice lady at my ophthalmologist’s office explained the process to me, but I opted to schedule a contact fitting appointment at Costco’s optical department since I’ll be ordering contacts from there.

In August, I was pronounced complication-free in my eyes. At my fitting last week, the optometrist discovered a bleed in one of my eyes. He didn’t even have to dilate my eyes to see it.

I’m sure that a lot of people will tell me that one bleed isn’t terrible and honestly I can’t do a lot about it that I’m not already doing (like consciously trying to manage blood sugar levels). It’s just disheartening that after only 16 months, I’m experiencing a “complication” of diabetes.

Since the find, I started reading more in-depth on diabetic eye complications and I’ve been completely freaked out. Chalk that up to more motivation to get graphs like this one:

One thing that really impressed me though is that the doctor who found the bleed is sending the information from my exam to my ophthalmologist’s office so that it can be tracked in my chart.

Note added 12/12/12: On my follow-up visit today, my bleed appeared to be a third the size that it was on Friday meaning that my eye is healing itself fairly quickly.


Crazy Eyes

The last time I went to the eye doctor was my freshman year of college. My optometrist at the time said I didn’t need to come back until I graduated…. so I waited a year after that and made an ophthalmologist appointment for yesterday.

They did not do the annoying puff test to check my interocular pressure… they did the touch test. I think that was freakier and more unpleasant. I also felt nothing.

This was the first time that I’ve ever had my eyes dilated as well, so it was strange, really strange. A different person did my regular eye exam and the ophthalmologist came in after my pupils had overtaken my eyes. I tried not to be offended when he said, “I see that the main reason you’re here is because of diabetes, now you’re type 2?” He made the sweeping assumption that because I was diagnosed in my 20s that I was type 2. (Also: Um read my chart? It should clearly say type 1, my eyes are dilated, not yours.) I corrected him and he asked what my last blood sugar reading was as well as my a1c.

At the end of my appointment, he said out loud while he wrote, “Insulin-dependent diabetic: No eye complications. Benign freckle* on left eye.” I wouldn’t be me without something slightly strange written on my chart.

I left the office with a prescription for new glasses and I had my shades on by the time I hit the all-glass lobby of the medical building. My pupils remained crazy big when I went to bed last night (they put the drops in around 4:15pm).

Freaky, right?

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Beeps and Bandaids

Today is just strange.

  • I put on a new pod last night and it’s bolus beep just sounds weird. Maybe even strangled. Although I appear to be receiving the correct amounts of insulin.

I always have an extra in case

  • I may or may not have just used bandaids to secure the adhesive on this Dexcom sensor to make it last until tonight when I can change it.


  • I go for my first dilated eye exam today… and probably will have the puff of death test as well. I hate that thing.

Is anyone else having a strange day today?