A Bicycle of My Very Own

I’m the youngest of three children. As a child, I used the same “big toys” as my older siblings including our rocking horse and tricycle. (In fact, I think our share tricycle was actually my mom’s when she was a kid.)

As a kid, it used to bug me that I always got hand-me-down bicycles and never got to pick out my bike. It always felt like I was using someone else’s bicycle. As an adult, it doesn’t bug me anymore because it was practical and let’s face it… bikes aren’t cheap!

That doesn’t take away how much I appreciate my very first new bicycle that I got a couple of weeks ago!

We started our search at Dick’s Sporting Goods, where we ended up getting Brad’s bike. The bike tech, was very knowledgeable and helpful, but just can’t change how tall a person is… or how small of bikes the store carries.

He checked the fit for me on a couple of the smallest hybrid bikes they carried then sighed and said, “I hate to send you away, but your best chance for getting a bicycle that actually fits you is a bike shop.” Continue reading

Stepping It Up

I have a desk job and I’ve known for awhile that I need to make a point to get up and move multiple time throughout the day. Since getting a Fitbit One for my birthday, I’ve been competing against past Rachel to add more steps into my day while not detracting from my job performance.

I’ve been able to add a few hundred steps into my day by slightly changing my behavior, here’s what I do:

  • park farther away. (Bonus: the farther from the door you are, the less likely your car is to get dinged by someone else’s door.)
  • fill my water bottle half way. By filling my 28oz water bottle with 14-16oz of water each trip to the water cooler, I am effectively doubling my number of trips to the cooler. (Bonus #1: The FitBit lets me track my water intake with helps me reach my goals of drinking more water. Bonus #2: Refillable bottles are better for the environment)
  • print to a farther printer. My office suite is not large, but I can add a few additional steps each day by printing to a farther printer.
  • stop picking up the phone. Obviously I answer my phone, but walking over to the person who I need to talk to adds some steps (Bonus: I build better relationships with my coworkers this way.)
  • pace. I don’t pace for the sake of pacing, but when I need to review or proofread something, I take it to the pacing zone or I take it outside if it’s nice. (Bonus: Changing my environment by even moving away from my chair helps me look at things with new eyes.)
  • take the stairs. I work on the second floor in a building without an elevator, so I have no choice in the matter. But I try to take the stairs when I’m other places. It drives me nuts when I go to the Clinic and there are signs at the elevators that say “Free Exercise: Take the Stairs” then I can’t find the stairwell! And if I do find some stairs, the floor I need is authorized access only. Label the stairwells better or put arrow from those signs please!

My Fitbit One  Continue reading

Mary’s Story

My mother-in-law, Mary, has made great strides toward her health goals including losing weight and improving control of her type 2 diabetes. I felt that her story should be shared, so I asked for an interview!

Obviously she agreed. Here’s her story:

One of her favorite places: A cruise ship

How long have you had diabetes?

I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes 19 years ago. It went away after my son was born. I was told that I had a 60% chance of it returning. It did 4 years later.

How much weight have you lost?

To date, I have lost 61 pounds. Continue reading