An Organized Calendar Means Never Missing Out

10609811454_ddca54fcde_zLife is a busy busy thing. You may have noticed that I’ve cut back on blog posts, because life is busy and I make a point to live first and blog later.

The problem with busy is that it can be disorganized. From meetings, to parties, to dinners and other events, it’s necessary to juggle a lot. And sometimes things fall off or get forgotten and we miss out.

I’m constantly worried about not living up to my commitments, especially when it comes to both planning and attending events. So how do I stay organized?

My electronic calendar is my lifeline and keeps me from missing things… alleviating FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), which i’m prone to as a chronic worrier. I use my Outlook calendar to seamlessly manage my work commitments, personal plans and professional events. Some people use Google Calendar, iCal or Yahoo. Whatever works! From an attendance standpoint, this calendar is great.

When it comes to managing events, I need a few more tools, one of my favorites is Eventbrite. I’ve been using Evenbrite since college when we hosted a conference for our PRSSA chapter. It’s been a handy tool for both work events and events for our PRSA chapter. It manages the guest list for you, lets attendees send questions and allows you to send reminders so people actually come to your event. Continue reading

Weekend Wrap Up: Bricklaying, Cleveland Flea & House Update

We had an interesting and fun weekend, it involved bricklaying, food trucks, flea market browsing, upcycled awesomeness and a trip to the house.

Saturday morning started with the Bricklayer 500 regionals at St. Mary’s Cement Terminal. One of my clients was involved with the event. This particular event is a speed bricklaying competition.

The masons competing were all very talented craftsmen. I got to be a little crafty myself and adhered stone on lath. Continue reading

Miles to Go

I know in my head that I’m lucky to have so many family members who want to see us, especially at the holidays. But sometimes, it’s overwhelming. Brad and I live an hour drive from our closest “local” family members and a 4 hour drive from the farthest. (The non-local family members are only a phone call or Facetime chat away.)

The problem is, we’re far enough that a trip take pre-planning but close enough not to skip the occasional year. (But we’re too far for certain people to come visit us, so we have to go to them.)

Last year, we traveled 1,000 miles in the course of one week for family events. That’s the allotted mileage for a single month on our lease used up in only a week. Parents want separate celebrations from grandparents/extended family and then there are other events including (but not limited to) work parties, friend parties/visits, choir concerts and church events. Throw in the various holiday errands and the miles, gasoline and stress add up.

What many don’t stop to think about when making plans to host a holiday event, is how much busier we are at the holidays. Brad and I have to try to split holidays somehow between our families and unfortunately I don’t think what we all pretend is a balance actually balances out for the families. Continue reading

A Garden Tea Bridal Shower

I’ve been chatting about my friend’s bridal shower and the day finally came on Sunday. Here it is as wordless as possible….

The menu: a selection of vegetables (the veggie dip bowls were red peppers!), fruit salad, tea sandwiches (cucumber with chive cream cheese, classic chicken salad, ham and cheese and good old peanut butter and jelly), pasta salad and garden cupcakes. All complimented by sweet and unsweetened tea, lemonade, strawberry lemonade sangria and wine.

Each place setting had a BRIDE Bingo card, trivia questions about the couple and a unique, handmade tea cup candle (should I post instructions on how to make these?). The centerpieces were tiny teapots with flowers.

Continue reading